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Arimidex Dosage

Hi there,

Having reviewed much information on this site, it’s clear there is no ONE way to dose and AI, but there are certain guidelines.

After experiencing strong symptoms of high E (no libido, no morning wood anymore, emotional days haha) my doc prescribed Adex at 1MG per week. (my estradiol labs aren’t that high, around 40, but we’re going by how I feel on the TRT)

My question is this – would breaking that dosage up to my injection days be helpful? Right now I do 100ml every 5 days. Is it wise to take .5 Adex every 5 DAYS with the shots? Or just take the whole 1MG per week like my doc prescribed?

I know we need to dial this all in, and I’m getting new labs soon, but I have read differing information about Anti E’s and would appreciate some guidance. Thanks!

The general rule that I’ve seen is 1mg of AI per 100ml of T. The general protocol recommended here is to do 2 injections per week and take AI at that time. Meaning 100ml per week = 2 50ml injections and .5mg of AI.

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Yes, but I am on more than 100 p week. But I could adjust dosage. Thanks

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