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Arimidex Dosage?

Hi guys,

Sorry for making a new thread but I am getting desperate seeing that nobody is answering or replying to my thread…
I would like to know the dosage of arimidex for lowering estrogen in a non TRT using person (me). Can you please help me with the dosage? Because that is the only thing that I need right now.

Testosterone: 720 ng/dl
Estrogen: 44 picograms/ml (at top of the range)
Age: 22 years old
I have gyno (without ever using steroids, it developed in the last year or so) so I will also use 40 mg Nolvadex daily for a week then 20 mg for the rest until my gyno disappears. Any help please?

PS: How do you split a tablet in very small pieces? (like a 1 mg tab in a 0.25 mg dose)
PS2: This is my full thread if you want to check it:

For EOD dosing, you will need to dissolve in vodka, 1mg per 1ml ratio and dispense by the drop. Count drops per ml and do the math. Shake before dispensing. Or get research chemical anastrozole that will be a liquid product that will also not be mess from the filler in tablets.

You are probably already aware of the issues for anastrozole over-responders.

Your E2 levels can easily be high with and because of 40mg nolvadex. Do not stop Nolvadex suddenly, taper off and be on anastrozole first. It will take time to get balanced.

Were you on Nolvadex for that lab work?


No, I never took Nolvadex. I discovered that I have Low T, Gyno and very high E.
I doubled my T from 380 to 720 ng/dl through eating far more fats (3-4 eggs daily and tons of peanut butter).
I will start on Nolvadex for my Gyno. 40 mg/day the first week, then 20 mg/day until my Gyno is gone. At the same time I will use Arimidex to lower my E which was 44 when I tested a few weeks ago, at the absolute maximum of the range, to an optimum 22. I do not know exactly what dosage to use. What would your idea be? 0.5 mg/week divided in EOD dosage? I know that there are a select few who are over responders and 1/4 or 1/8 of a normal dose has the same effect on them. I will see if I am one of them or not. I will judge by feel and by monthly blood testing.

Right now I do not use Nolva nor Arimidex. I made a plan on using both to get rid of my gyno and to get my E2 to optimum levels. Does the plan seem ok to you? Once again, what should be a starting dose?

Also, sorry but the dosage part was quite complicated. Can’t I just split the pill in 4 or 8 pieces? How do you dissolve a pill in 1 ml of Vodka? I have no idea about these things so if you can elaborate a bit the whole process I will be very thankful.

First off, Nolvadex will not get rid of gyno. If you do actually have gyno only surgery will get rid of it.

If you want to take .25mg of arimidex every other day then you can get a pill spliter at the drugstore and it will work nicely. If you want to take less than .25mg at a time then you will need to go the vodka route as KSman recommends.`

Sorry, I didn’t get finished my attention had to go elsewhere…

44 is not a very high E2 load based on the range I’m associated with. My lab runs from 15-50. Anyway, I would suggest you try .25mg Mon morning - Wed in the afternoon and Friday before bed.

You need a starting dose then labs will guide dose refinement.

How Nolva doesn’t get rid of gyno? How the hell 44 E2 isn’t a ton?
Please, do not give advice if you do not know your infos better…

Now KSman, I totally got it, but what should be that starting dose according to you?

Gyno can’t be reversed. Sorry, its a fact of life. Nolvadex can prevent gyno in the beginning but it can’t reverse it. Nolvadex only prevents the binding of the estrogen to the receptor sites but will not lower your E2 level. Adex is for that.

As I said above the 44 E2 level depends on the range the lab uses. Most often E2 levels that cause gyno are much higher and over long periods of time.

However, if you are indeed developing gyno from a 44 level (with a lab range of 15-50) then you do need to do something about it.

The arimidex alone should be enough without the nolvadex.

Starting dose is hard to say as KSman doesn’t give a hard number himself. Try the dose I gave above, wait 3-4 weeks and get labs done and then refine your dose.

It would be much easier to give you a starting dose if you were on TRT but you’re not so just start somewhere.

So, any starting dose KSman?

He already answered the question. Starting dose is not important, making correct adjustments after the labs is most important. Start with 0.5mg per week and go from there.

I needed very little when my T was in the 700s. Just 0.5mg per week put my E2 in the 20s. But the ~0.75mg/week that GeorgeCulp mentioned seems reasonable too. If you start noticing your elbow joints clicking a lot when doing bench or other exercises, it likely means you’ve overshot and need to lower your AI dosage (at least for me, that’s always been an accurate litmus test). You’ll likely get a nice boost to T as well, nothing huge, but I wouldn’t be surprised if your numbers were in the 800s once you get your E2 in the 20s or even low 30s.

The standard which is suggested from TRT doctors is approximately .25 mgs every 3 rd or 4 th day then labs can be checked with in 3 weeks as this is often when plasma levels of adex occur.

 Thank you all for your recomendations. 

  I will start low, with 0.5 mg / week divided in EOD doses so I can keep a steady level of Estradiol, of course together with my Nolva protocol so I can get rid of the gyno. After 3 weeks I will do a blood test to see where I am at and if I need to increase/decrease the dose to get to 22 picograms/ml.
  Still I have one more question. If I divide 0.5 mg in EOD doses, this would mean that I will take 0.125 mg/day. Do you think that I can divide a 1 mg tab in 8 pieces? (In order to get 0.125 mg dose?) I learned here that the best way to take Arimidex is in EOD doses to avoid the spikes of big doses and multiple days between them.
  So, if I cannot divide that tab in 8 pieces how do I get my 0.125 mg dose? How do I split them? KSman said something about dividing in vodka but really I did not understand a thing of the vodka dissolvation thing...

I got my pharmacist to do 1/10mg dosage in gelcaps, 65.00 for 100 capsules. Cost a lot more than dissolving in vodka and doing drops. Should have had my results from lab work last week but of all things tested, they left off the most important one “estradiol”. Going back for more labs Tuesday A.M. to see where 2 doses a week puts me. I am injecting 100mg of cypionate subcutaneously in 2-3 divided doses per week.

Today I get the Nolva + Arimidex.
I decided to use 0.125 mg EOD + my Nolva protocol then after 3 weeks I will do blood work and see where I am and if I need to adjust the Arimidex.