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Arimidex Dosage

If any of you experts can take a look at this, I’d appreciate your comments:

56 years old, been on TRT for several years, used to feel great at 100 mg test cyp. weekly…lately haven’t been feeling it at all…no libido, sleepy during the day. Started bumping up the dose to 150 mg weekly, nothing. Here is my latest bloodwork from Quest:

Cortisol: 6.9 (4.0-22.0)
FSH: 0.7 (1.6-8.0)
LH: <0.2 (1.5-9.3)
Prolactin: 13.9 (2.0-18.0)
Estradiol: 67 (<39)
Total test: 1293 (250-1100)
Free test: 400.8 (35.0-155.0)

Urologist prescribed 1 mg arimidex eod to bring down estradiol. Took first dose yesterday and injected 140mg test today. FYI: I take 15-20 mg Percocet daily for nerve impingement pain due to severely compressed L4-5 discs, bulging, stenosis.

If you read the advice for new guy sticky and protocol for injections, you will see that your anastrozole dose should be 1.4mg/week in EOD divided dosing.

Given your FT, suggest that you go back to 100mg T/week with 1mg/week anastrozole. Your suggested 3.5mg/week will be disabling.

Further suggestions will need info such as how often you inject. You should not be injecting once a week.

Why is E2 so high? Past data? I would like to see liver markers ALT/AST and know what other drugs have been introduced.

KSman, thanks for your reply. I have been injecting once per week, I assume you are suggesting I inject 50 mg twice per week. This is the first time I’ve had E2 checked so I have no past data to provide. My belief as to the high E2 is due to my increased dose of testosterone, but you would know better than me.

My last ALT/AST labs were done back in February and were normal, however my total T at that time was 229, but level was checked right before I was due for my weekly injection and I was doing 100mg at that time. As far as other drugs, I have been taking clonopin, 1.5 mg and Seroquel 25 mg nightly for 20 years for anxiety/insomnia, my liver work has never come back abnormal.

Recently had lipid panel done as well, cholesterol and triglycerides all good. So a quarter tab of adex eod is what I should be taking? thanks in advance for your response.

Given that I’ve taken 2mg of adex in the past three days, when should I begin taking the lower dose? Thanks.

Given the half life, after 6 days.

Hoping that cholesterol is not below 160…

If injecting T twice a week, you can take 1/2 your weekly dose at that time and as T levels and anastrozole levels both drop, there is some balance of the two.

Noting that your recent symptoms are also consistent with subclinical hypothyroidism: please see the thyroid basics sticky and check your body temps to see if there is a thyroid function issue [some people have thyroid issues with one of the drugs above].

cholesterol 183…thyroid levels have been good. Good info about the Seroquel. Thanks for your help.