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Arimidex Dosage During Cycle?

Ok well firstly, I have attempted to seek information on the question I am going to ask you now and failed. My rat is currently on a 500mg/wk test cyp cycle and is running .25mg of adex a day. Currently week 2.5 into the cycle. Libido is going up, erections all throughout the day and a little acne on my arms thankfully not on his face as much. What he is wondering is if he is taking to much adex and should decrease to eod or even e3d. Hes asking because he doesnt have morning wood as often as first week of cycle bloat is minimal if any. And no gyno signs at all have occurred and just really wants to get the most out of the test. Second question would it be ok to decrease to .25mg e3d and see what happens then go back to eod or even ed if symptoms raise . Thanks!! He just dont feel like he thinks he should at 500mg wk.

Your AI won’t reduce your effects of testosterone. It’s keeping E2 in check. If you feel good on your AI as is, stick with it. Only labs could tell. Ask your rats.