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Arimidex Dillution


You were not taking hCG when the lab work for pregnenolone was done? If so, hCG could recover pregnenolone. Pregnenolone is made by mitochondria in your cells. You can improve mitochondrial function with high potency B vitamins, anti-oxidants, fish oil, vit-D3, CoQ10 [ubiquinol type], acetyl-l-carnitine [ALC] and lipoic acid.

In healthy normal males, a lot of pregnenolone is made in the testes. TRT HPTA shutdown can lower pregnenolone levels and as DHEA is made from that, TRT can lower DHEA as well.


hi KSman
i was not taking HCG when the lab work was done;i start again last monday (250ui/SQ) and next shoot on thursday (250ui/SQ);so 2 shoot by week.same day with T (60mg/SQ/sustanon)and 0.20 mg/day/liquidex.
i eat 3 caps of natural thyroformula/day and a multivits without iron;1g of krill oil.
now wait and see.i’m feeling very good;the only point of problems is sexual dysfonction and a small libido.
i have some ICARIINE (concentrate 50%);is like horny goat weed.I try !!!
thank you for taking time for me Eric


i would advise cutting out all herbal supplements like horny goat weed until you get all of your other symptoms/numbers under control. Herbal supplements are a wild card that can be great, but they can also throw a lot of things off in the short or long term.


ok purechance;i cut all herbal supplements ang applies the standar protocol
see with my doctor for vit D3 and ferritine and wait for new labs next 2 month. Eric


after a few months i will come to you for some news
my protocol is now 60mg E3D sustanon;0.10mg liquidex ED;and 10mg pregnenolone tabs every morning.
my doctor stop HCG because i can’t manage E2 testicular and replaces by pregnenolone,start at 100mg ED for a month and reduce to 50mg day because i could not sleep a few hours.I reduce myself to 10 mg day and my sleep better.

my blood test are coming but i have a probleme with my joints more painful;i think because of liquidex.
what do i do?
change to aromasin,using deca…
thank you for your help,forward the analysis soon
best regards Eric


the results are in
TT:6.59ng/ml 2.8-8
E2:32pg/ml 7.63-42.6
progesterone:0.5ng/ml 0.2 - 1.4
cortisol 8h morning:18.9ug/dl 6.2 - 19.4
tsh:2.23ui/ml 0.27 4.2
T4L:15.00pmol/l 12-22
T3L:4.4pmol/l 3.1-6.8
vit B9: 12.5ng/ml 4.6-34.8
vitD3:55ng/ml 30-100
SDHEA:3.2umol/l 1.4-8.9
shbg:16nmol/l 14-48
Tfree:82.9pmol/l 30.1-189.8
DHT:2.31nmol/l 0.86-3.44
pregnenolone:0.82nmol/l 0.8-2.2
cholesterol:4.70 lower5.2
HDL:0.87 upper 1
total cholesterol/HDL:5.40 lower5.00
triglycerides:1.25mmol/l lower2.25
FERRITINE:665ng/ml 30-400
FSH:0.2ui/l 1.5-12.4
LH:0.1uiu/l 1.7-8.6

TEST Does with:60mg sustanon E3D -0.10mg liquidex ED -50mg pregnenolone ED -multi vits with 150mcg iode; no iron.
i have been treated with prednisone 80mg ED/15days for otitis 1 month and half before testing
I don’t use HCG because i can’t manage E2 intratesticular
I reduce now pregnenolone to 10mg/ED…i want to sleep more than 5 hours…it seems to work
I wait RT3; difficult in france
I feel good;training is pleasant and hard;libido is OK,morning wood OK;no ED if I use cialis 5mg

What do you think of it?
Thank you for help best regards Eric


No labs… If you are an anastrozole over-responder, that could explain the joint pain. If that was the case, one would expect some negative mental effects.

Anastrozole over-responders typically need 1/4th of the expected dose.

You are taking 140mg of sustanon, you could try an anastrozole dose of 1.40/4=0.35. You can get that with 0.1mg EOD


low B12 (should be in upper 75% of range I believe)
high TSH + other numbers seem to indicate a thyroid problem.
your estradiol looks too high.
your ferritin is too high. what is your Red Blood Cell Count, Hemocrit, Hemoglobin? Excess T can cause severe blood issues (there’s a term for it that I can’t remember at the moment) but it is extremely serious and you need to rule it out.

what type of Pregnenolone are you taking? Trandermal or pill form? pills can cause a number of problems for people. first liver pass converts it to a benyzne<spl?> like chemical, and/or it can cause a short term spike in cortisol which then suppresses your ACTH for too long causing a crash and rebound effect later.

Prednisone can cause problems (I think). You stopped taking it 90 days before the test OR you were taking it for the last 90 days including during the blood draw? your numbers look ideal, but that depends on whether you were taking prednisone at the time of the blood draw.


blood was sampled 1 month after stopping prednisone.
now i took the pregnenolone at 10mg in pill;my sleep better
i see the doctor mext week and we speak for ferritine and hemochromatose
i ask for iode too;blood testing?
I’ll let you know thank you Eric


yes. iodine can be tested via a blood test.

cortisol levels look good since you were off prednisone for that long.

I think most people treat hemochromatose by giving blood (or the other technical term for the process).


got RT3 today:0.29ng/ml (0.09-0.35)
all thyroid panel:
tsh:2.23ui/ml 0.27 4.2
T4L:15.00pmol/l 12-22
T3L:4.4pmol/l 3.1-6.8
what do you think?
maybe iodoral suplement?
thank you Eric


is T3L Total T3 or Free T3?

total T4 and Total T3 aren’t that helpful. You really need the free values.

ideal RT3 is at the bottom of the range so your result is highish.


T3 and T4 :FREE t3 t4
i wait for iodoral;comming from USA;difficult at this time
best regards Eric


hello all
there are 3 weeks my doctor replace pregnenolone tabs by progesterone cream at 5-7 mg every night before bed time (1/2 pump life flo) stop arimidex
the result was immediate:less fatigue;very good mood;training much better and hard;strong libido…
i did a blood test and the results are strange

TT:5.30 ng/ml(2.8-8) 6.59 before down
E2:51pg/ml (7.63-42.6) 32 before in hause
progesterone:0.4ng/ml (0.2-1.40) 0.5 before down
i find it strange;PROG would have to go up and E2 go down???
i took arimidex at 0.10mg EOD again and wait and see
if you have any ideas i’m interested
thank you for reading best regards Eric


I have heard other doctors I trust say that pregnenolone serum does not seem to be impacted by pregnenolone supplementation…this could also hold true for progesterone…

You are obviously seeing some sort of response to it, so you know you are absorbing it…

As for your bloodwork, the drop in T is probably due to competition from the higher E2…now that you are restarting Anastrozole, this should balance those out…

Your changes in progesterone serum are negligible and would support the theory that serum levels are mostly unaffected by TD supplementation…

I’d be curious to see what your DHEA now looks like…

So you feel great on this protocol with better mood, libido, and training? That is the strange part…I suspect that could be transient, but I’m not sure…have you felt good for the entire 3 weeks? How have your symptoms change since restarting the adex?


I feel very well since the begining of PROG;no drowsiness after lunch;strong morningwood;happy
I start arimidex again yesterday so…
if i use 1 pump full of PROG my sleep is shorter
thank you for help Eric


direct progesterone support has been shown to better support cortisol levels (i.e. - no drowsiness after lunch) compared to pregnenolone support.


KS, thanks for the tip about dissolving in alcohol–that is genius! I always liked the idea of research chems since they’re liquid and easy to dose, but since my insurance covers adex pills I’m sticking with those. This way I can have it both ways. I don’t look forward to the taste of vodka every other morning, but I’ll deal!


received today iode test
iode:69.7ug/l (40.0-100.0)
i started 12.5mc every morning T3;feeling good,energy at the top
Take iodoral or not and stop T3 after 1 or 2 week???
thank you for answering Eric


there are no real hard and fast rules as we are all different and respond differently. You have to go by how you feel at times.

I stopped my T3 after being on 12.5mg Iodine for two months. Probably could have stopped sooner.