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Arimidex Dillution


hi every body
i write from france ;excuse me for my english;i learn it at school 30 years ago
my doctor gives me 250mg sustanon every 8 days and 0.25mg arimidex every 2 days but cut the AI in 4 is difficult and i think i can make a dillution of 1mg in 2ml of water and use 0.10mg each day
is the dillution of AI is ok in water and stay in cold for 10 days?
thank you for ansew Eric


Dissolve in alcohol, vodka would work. No need to refrigerate.

You can take every other day [EOD].

You may need a lot more. Typical dose is 1mg/week for 100mg test ethanate or cypionate. You are taking a lot more T than that, so you need more Arimidex. You may need 2mg/week.

Are you self injecting or is the doctor injecting? Have you read the "protocol for injections" sticky?


thank you KSmann
i have my blood test yesterday test 1day beffore new injection
T 6.3 ng/ml
E2 23pg/ml
prolactine 7.8ng/ml
PSA 0.87ng/ml
i read the protocole and try HCG 250ui E2D but i dont'like it;i think my E2 goes up and make me sexual disfonction and very nervous
i am ok with susta and 1mg AI every 8 days so i wait and see
i train hard too;3 times a week
thanks a lot Eric


HcG can mimic TSH.
TSH stimulates the Thyroid and can cause symptoms of hyperthyroidism.
Hyperthyroidism = anxiety (or nervous) - are you getting any heart palpitations (awareness of your heart beating in your chest)?

everyone responds differently to the various medications. You may want to drop your dose down to 200iu or 150iu EOD and see how you react.


Please add lab ranges to your posts, use the [EDIT] button.
Are you self injecting or is the doctor injecting? Inject more often.


i got all results today:
E2:23pg/ml (7.6-42.6)
prolactine:7.8ng/ml (4-15.2)
T:6.3ng/ml (2.8-8)
psa:0.87ng/ml (<3.1)
shbg:16nmol/l (14-48)
freeT:81.3pmol/l (30.1-189.8)
dht:1.98nmol/l (0.86-3.44)
i self inject 250mg sustanon/week and take 0.25mg AI ED. i am feeling good
maybee up dht with andractim for sex??????????
i am waiting for your about your comments thank you Eric


You can find DHT as a drug [andractim ] and getting a script for that otherwise could be a problem too. But in Europe, this can be done. You can also use proviron which is a prescription drug there. If you cut the hairs on your scrotum and apply 5% T cream this can improve DHT levels. Applying T to the penis can wake up the nerves.

When were the labs done relative to the injection? If you do labs at the end of one week, then the numbers are not very useful!

FT is not high enough and TT could be higher. Please try injecting twice a week and do labs 1/2 way between.

E2 results look good!

How are you feeling?


hi KSman
i am feeling good
i got andractim and proviron;so just to choice one of them
the labs have be done 7 days after injection.
my sustanon is Induject 250 from india (alpha pharma)
thank you for help
how can i conserve 1/2 dose of susta? ERIC


Proviron will enter your body with certainty. The absorption of andractim, like all transdermals, is limited, 10% at best. Andractim will absorb best on your scrotum, but you have to clip the hair. Do not apply this or any other alcohol based product to your penis. Both product will accelerate hair loss if you have the genetics for that.

If you have parts of your facial hair that are thin, DHT applied there may create more hair. Watch for acne. Basic TRT can also cause acne. Some of this is transient and will clear up over time.

Your T injections should increase your DHT levels. The DHT drugs may not be necessary. The DHT drugs will affect FT and E2 levels. When you change your DHT levels, other things will change and your anastrozole needs may change.

Keep testing PSA. It will increase to some extent as your prostate will be respond to TRT. This is a one time increase. Do not test PSA after sex or masturbation as this increases serum PSA levels for a day or so. Do not test after a DRE. A DRE is a digital rectal exam where your doctor feels your prostate for size, firmness and consistency [smooth VS lumps].

Do not test prolactin after sex as that increases levels. When prolactin levels are not a problem, there is no need to test this again.

Induject 250: You would fill two syringes with 0.5ml. Re-cap the needle and store at room temperature until needed. Ask if you can get 10ml multi-dose vials instead of glass ampules, this should cost less too. With the glass ampules, there is always product that you cannot get loaded, the ampule can dull the end of the needle.

You can load and inject with shorter needles with multi-dose vials. Glass ampules require needles long enough to remove the liquid. Some here are injecting T every second day with 0.5 #29 12mm insulin syringes. You do not need to use large needles.


i change the protocol
125mg T on monday and thursday in SQ
0.25mg AI every day
what do you think about ZMA ;nettle root extract ;ashwaganda;mucuna pruriens.
i try HCG again in september;150ui same days as T
thank you for your help Eric


hi everybody
So after holidays in september i start a mew protocol
250mg sustanon week in 2 injection SQ-250ui HCG 3 time a week SQ -0,15 ml liquidex everyday.
i am feeling good but i have some sexual dysfonction and i have to use cialis
using liquidex is difficult because i am very sensible to dosage and sometime 0,15 is too much and the day after is not enought
So what do you think to take 50mg Proviron every day in remplacement of liquidex???
thank you for help Eric


hello all
A month ago I replace arimidex by Proviron (25 mg / day) following DIFFICULTIES erectiles.at beginning everything was better, in all good and 1 month later onset of degradation; very good shape, energy and good state of mind but fewer and fewer erections even in the morning.
So I recomence arimidex liquid (0.20 mg ED); sustanon 125mg / E4D, and may be hcg 150ui/2time/week
i do labs before change protocol and 2 days after injection
testo:10.96ng/ml (2.41-8.27)
tsh ultra sensible:1.91ui/ml(0.27-4.2)
vitD3:11.1ng/ml(sup 30)
25OH vitD2/D3:27ng.ml(30-100)
cholesterol:4.9mmol/l(inf 5.2)
hdl:0.83mmol/l(sup 1)
triglycerides:1.1mmol/l(inf 2.25)
ferritine:586ng/ml(30-400) i stop multi vits with iron
some other labs arrived soon:dhea-pregnolone-shbg
So what do you think about those labs and what can i do;i am feeling good except for sex;erections doesnot stay up.
thank you for help Eric


From looking at this, your test is higher than normal range...personally I don't think that's a bad thing if all your body systems are working correctly, but others here would disagree. I'm surprised noone mentioned that your 250 mg of injectable T per week was too high. Standard is about 100 mg/week...you are 2.5x that amount.

Your E2 sucks. Probably because your T dose is too high and you stopped taking arimidex. I'm not familiar with proviron, but theres a reason bodybuilders on AAS take ARIMIDEX with their cycles and not PROVIRON. You need the Adex.

TSH is high. This is bad news since it is indicative of low thyroid function, and means your body likely can't keep up with the metabolic demand of your high Testosterone. Yet another reason to lower the dosage, as you are setting yourself up for a big time crash IMO. Low thyroid may also contribute to the out of control E2 by not metabolizing properly (?).

Vitamin D is abysmally low. Are you supplementing? Get a good Vit D supplement and take between 6k-10k IU per day.

High ferritin can be causing your sexual issues, and can cause joint pain. Cut down the iron in your diet. If that doesn't lower it, look into phlebotemys, but that is probably a very hard to obtain treatment.

You've got some work to do.


You have estrogen poisoning. A a rule, one will need 1mg anastrozole per week for every 100mg injected testosterone ester. Anastrozole needs to be in EOD dosing. Proviron does not replace the need to manage E2 with anastrozole!

Your high E2 is increasing SHBG, increasing SHBG bound T [SHBG-T], which lowers FT. If you correct your E2, you will feel re-born. Your target is E2=22pg/ml. When you get lab results, a dose correction is easy to correct.

Suggest that you drop down to 100mg T per week and see how you feel doing standard things correctly.

Thyroid: What is your iodine intake? Iodized salt, sea food, in supplements?



i take liquidex(0.2mg/day)again and reduce T to 125mg/week in 2 SQ injection
start HCG again at 150ui 2 inject/SQ/week same day T
i do no eat a lot of salt but i take it with iode;and i buy :natural thyroide formula at supersmart
what can i do for ferritine?taking cuivre(cooper)a solution?
i take 100 000ui vitD ;only this dosage in france at pharma
i see my doctor next week
thank you for reading me Eric


Are you eating much liver pate'? Donating blood will remove some iron. Check prepared foods for added iron. That anastrozole dose and T dose may work well.

How often are you planning to take 100,000iu vit-D? Try purchasing vit-D3 at a vitamin shop instead of a pharmacy.


i ask my doctor for vit D next week and i buy multivits vith 1000ui D to eat every day;those vits are without minerals,no iron.I am not eating prepared food;just natural food(rice,vegetables,eggs,pasta,meat red and white,chicken,horse,cow,bread,butter;white cheese..........)no junk food;only drink watter and some champagne,with no excess.
what do you think about cooper to crash down ferritine?
thank you for help best regards Eric


Copper can easily have some toxicity issues and can also block absorption of zinc. Wait to see what others say. This site is having technical problems and traffic is greatly reduced right now.


I see

1) a HUGE E2 problem due to excess Testosterone - solution = cut back drastically on shot dosage.

2) a problem with your thyroid. solution = need to test for Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, and Cortisol to determine if you need to be on Thyroid and/or Cortisol medication

3) a big problem with your vitamin D. solution = try out 6,000iu Vitamin D3 oil based gel caps (may need more or less - some need 15,000iu others only need a couple of thousand)

4) a big problem with ferritin. what is your RBC, Hemocrit, Hemoglobin readings? you may need to donate blood or have a regular blood letting procedure (what's that called? something like hemobotomy?)

5) what is your daily avg temperature? does it fluctuate a lot during the day or from day to day?


news labs arrived today
s dhea:1653ng/ml (517-3310)
shbg:17nmol/l (14-48)
pregnenolone:0.50nmol/l (0.8-2.20)
what do you think about this??? thank you Eric