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Arimidex - Bad Reaction



My estrogen was 36 (8-35, sensitive assay) so Dr Crisler
prescribed .25mg with injection. My blood pressure had been very
high and I hoped this would bring it down.

Took first dose and the next day had terrible chest pains, heartburn,
and migraine… Arimidex website states these are side effects.

My heart was fine prior to taking these because I just had a full cardiac
work up.

Anyone else experience this ? Will this effect stop in a day if I do not take another dose ?

Sad this is my Bp dropped from 150/90 to 120/70 from this med. but cannot deal with
sharp chest pains and bad heart burn.


The side effects that you are finding are from clinical trials on mostly post menopausal women.

How often are you injecting? Hard to read between the lines.


Injecting 60mg cypionate twice weekly Subq.

Blood pressure has been elevated and general unwell
feeling so Dr Crisler prescribed .5mg Arimidex at time
of injection.

Symptoms: Anxiety, amped up feeling, high blood pressure,
hot all time. Chest, arms, neck , face or blotchy red…
Major hairloss. Brain fog

He also suspected thyroid issues, have not spoke since
lab results this past Wednesday.

T3 Free 2.9 (2.0-4.4)
T4 Free .80 (.76-1.46)
TSH .744 (.358-3.740(
Thyroid Peroxidase <5 (0-34)

Estradiol Sensitive 36.6 (8-35)
Estradiol 28 (7.6-42.6)
Free T 15.5 (6.8-21.5)
Total T 600 (348-1197)
SHBG 23.3 (16.5-55.9)
Ferritin 20 (26-388)
RBC 4.94 (4.6-6.2)


Ferritin is low.
What is HTC?
Is there any iron in your vitamins? Do you eat iron fortified cereals?
Concern is blood loss from a GI bleed.
Low ferritin can reduce T4–>T3.

fT3, fT4 are both below mid-range.
What about body temperatures?

After not taking anastrozole for 6 days, try introducing at 1/8mg at time of injection. You will need to make up a liquid with pills and vodka, count drops per ml and dispense by the drop after doing the math.


Did you mean Dht ?

Ferritin- I do not take any vitamins with iron or
ear cereal. Has been low for many years, had
endoscopy and colonoscopy with now bleeding
detected. Tried iron supplement last week at Dr
Crisler’s request and it increased my blood pressure
that afternoon … I’m hyper sensitive to any med
or supplement, frustrating.

Ft3, Ft4 levels:
My GP states these as normal and will no treat.
Dr Crisler will call me next week.
Do you think I could benefit from thyroid meds …

Body temps-
96.9-96.1 AM
Afternoons are 97.1-97.7. But hangs around
97.1 most days.

Are you thinking a smaller dose would not gents the
the same reaction. Have you heard other members
having this issue. It definitely lowered my BP but
chest pains are scary. I had cardiomyopathy 7 years
ago that thankfully went away and dealt with 3 years
of horrible PVC arythmia before ablation procedure
so I’m hyper sensitive to heart issues.

I’ve always are clean, and worked out.

Thanks so much for your assistance!!

Happy new year


Hematocrit = HTC

You need to determine if low dose anastrozole will work for you or try something else. These things are a lot of work for you. You can try aromasin as well, but may need to go through the same process.

Could you have a problem with the filler or coatings on tablets?



HCT was 45.2 (40-54)

Still having mild chest pain and heartburn come and go and its been three days since first Anastrozole.
Very nervous about trying another small dose, especially since I’ll be in a plane 12 hours in the next week,
and hosting key meetings.

I’ll ask Dr Crisler about Aromasin, and check the side effect profile.

Have not thought about filler or coating issues, but seems very logical.

Could the low range Ft3 and FT4 be causing some of my symptoms, and come and go.

Thank you


I’m seriously contemplating stopping TRT. I had a TT level of 500 on natural supplements.
This is a lot of work trying to get this right, our general doctors do not now how to treat
and the specialists are hard to reach once on board…



fT4 suggests a problem.
fT3 is border line low.
rT3 may be blocking fT3.

Have you taken any supplemental iodine at any point?
Using iodized salt?


No, I have not tried iodine or iodized salt. If I tried iodine what qty and or brand is recommended.

Also a bit hard to swallow at times. Had an ultrasound of my thyroid today.




You have never used iodized salt?
You do not use salt?

Low body temps, low fT3, fT3 can all take away your energy and lead to fat gain. This can also contribute to low testosterone [secondary hypogonadism].

Most have no issues with anastrozole. There are a few guys, seems rare. Yes, aromasin is then a good alternative. But you take many more mg’s per week. Anastrozole is the smallest chemical load and least cost. I have never seen a report associating with acid reflux before.