Arimidex at 11-12% Bodyfat?

So I’m about 200lbs and around 11-12% body fat. I was thinking of running some arimidex for the last month of my cycle to try and help with any water retention and to help look dryer. But I know a very common mistake (especially among noobs) is they think they can run this and see things like that when they have a ridiculous amount of body fat. Just wanted some opinions on if I would actually even see the benefits of running adex at this BF%. Or is my body fat still really too high to notice a difference like that. Opinions please. All opinions appreciated.

You don’t run arimidex to combat excess water retention unless you have excess water retention. If you don’t have high e2 then you don’t need to take a drug whose purpose is to control e2. Because if you do run it you could end up crashing said e2 and feeling like absolute shit. Guys who want to get “dry” use mast or winstrol (or another DHT derivation) but not an AI.


Thanks yuppie. Always full of great info. I usually don’t mess around with AI’s or diuretic’s. Running mast prop now. Diet is very clean and cardio is on point. About 45-60 mins a day. Thinking I might throw in some winny just during the last month to see the effects it has.

You’re likely not 11-12% body fat. You’e probably much fatter than that.

You also should have been taking adex for most of the cycle, but since you didn’t post the cycle, or your bloods, we’ll never know.

Just my opinion.

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Are you preparing for a bodybuilding show? If you’re not, and you’re not preparing for a water cut for a weight class based sport, there’s absolutely no reason to even think about manipulating water retention.

And no, if you’re above 10% body fat, manipulating water will not yield positive changes to your appearance. When I’ve cut 15 lbs of water at under 10% bf, my appearance barely changes.


Thanks for the response flip, that’s exactly what I thought. Very informative. :+1:t2: