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Arimidex and Testim


Ok guys, so I was able to convince my urologist to give me Arimidex. I've been on Testim for the past month and a half now and just had blood work done, my testosterone was at 322, up from 275, and my doc was not happy with this number. Today he prescribed me 1mg Arimidex daily and 2 tubes of Testim daily. I'll keep you posted on how well I do on this and see if it does anything for my libido.


Holy shit guys, its only the second day and my libido is through the roof, I haven't even started taking the 2 tubes of Testim.


1mg Arimidex daily is a MAJOR dose!!!! most start on 1mg weekly. I personally was on 2mg daily at one point before I realized that I was simply overcompensating for a thyroid/cortisol problem.

be very careful as some people overreact to arimidex and can suffer severe consequences.

what was your Estradiol levels, or did your doctor just prescribe it without knowing what your blood tests levels looked like? If no tests results, I would recommend that you seriously consider finding a new doctor as this one is potentially putting your health at risk.


Sounds like you are coming through the "sweet spot" on the estrogen curve. Be very cautious - you dip it too far down and you can kiss that libido goodbye, along with some other nasty sides. Need your labs.


I keep forgetting to get my lab results but the last visit my test was still low which is why he put me on 2 tubes of Testim and 1mg of Adex. I had to convince him to put me on Adex, he was reluctant at first but when he realized how low my test levels were, he went ahead and took a chance. My next labs he is going to do an estrogen profile.

Testosterone: 332 ng/dl (up from 275ng/dl)


Whoa you are right, on day 5 my libido was back to being low, I'm gonna try dosing adex eod .25 mg and see how that works.


Make sure for your E2 test that they specify "sensitive assay for males" or it wont' be the right test.


Your T response to the transdermal was very weak. Do you have any thyroid lab data and ranges?


I keep forgetting to get my lab results from him; I will get them this week and post them. He did say during the follow up that everything looked normal and that's why he went ahead and put me on Adex.


fyi - anytime I hear a doctor say "your tests came back normal" it feels like fingernails down a chalk board.

Normal Does Not Equal Ideal
Normal = 95-99% of the population including people with severe health problems or on their death beds.
Normal Lab Ranges aren't even updated with the out of touch medical/endocrine societies (i.e. they say TSH > 2.5 = bad, but the lab ranges still show .5 - 5.0 as the "normal" range).

ALWAYS get your results in your own hands every single time. then you can check and determine if your results are "normal".