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Arimidex and Nipple Tenderness


I am 24 and have gyno type fat tissue distribution etc. Although I did not have hard tissue behind my nipples, I decided to investigate and have my estrogen levels tested. As I expected the result showed a higher than normal level. I have never used AAS. I decided to try an AI as I read information about low dose use to prevent gyno type issues, in addition I read that it doesn't create an intense rebound when stopped.

So anyways, the problem is that I ordered Arimidex (anastrozole) and begin taking it at .25mg every 3 days. I have only taken it twice and after the second does I have noticed high nipple sensitivity (right nipple only) and the development of a lump behind my right nipple. I'm not sure if I should stop taking it and see if it goes away, or if I'm experiencing a rebound of estrogen and need continue dosing.

Has anyone experienced similar results and have any advice? Thanks.


Try 0.15mg ED (or 0.25mg EOD) and see how that goes.

Get blood tests whilst using the drug too.

Is the drug pharmaceutical quality?

What other hormones did you get checked out, if any?

I doubt it is estrogen rebound at that dose and for that short duration - however i cannot think of anyother reason you would be experiencing such symptoms either..


The arimidex is from an online chem research company that has been well discussed/backed up here. I didn't get any other hormones checked (cost issue) however I will try to continuously check my levels. Thanks for the advise in terms of future dosing.

What sort of symptoms should I look for in terms of adjusting the dose? For example, as strange as it is, I've heard you should get morning wood while on arimidex and if this stops, or you notice a drop off in libido you have taken the estrogen too low.


Drop in libido as well as moodiness are 2 signs I know of


There you go.

Your adex is likely underdosed - firstly as it is research chem grade, but secondly if it is the site i am thinking of - their product quality dropped c1gnificantly over the past few months.

(Only the truly observant will spot that..) :wink:


eheheh, nicely put


Thanks for the heads up Brook, I was about to place an order.


I'm just confused as to why I developed a small lump when there was no lump to begin, just some extra fat/tissue. Now the area on the top/right of my right nipple has a small lump.


But thanks everyone for the comments/advice.


So am I - but without blood tests and the use of REAL drugs as opposed to something you can only guess as to it's potency, it is near impossible for me to form a decent opinion.

The growth is highly likely to be gynecomastia, if not then maybe cancer (maybe you should get that checked out - you will get your bloods done in the course of that too, killing [no pun intended] two birds with one stone).

Now - the question is if this (assuming the former) was caused from the (potentially very) low dose of an AI, or if you were going to get to that point of breast development anyway and the dose of AI was simply not enough to prevent it.

The simplest solution is to get a blood test confirming high E. Then if the doc will not prescribe an aromatase inhibitor, get your hands on some REAL drugs, and dose properly (NOT just twice).

Of course to be thorough you should seek blood tests before the use of the AI, during and after - with the tests before the ones of vital importance IMO.

Or you can self medicate blindly with an illegal preparation of a drug you little understand and see where that gets you - oh wait, you did that.


Hey Brook,

I feel as though I have been lost without a rain jacket regarding that company.
I still have some of the old stuff that was properly dosed lying around. You know, the stuff that wouldn't stay in solution? Easy fix though. Actually two easy fixes; stop using that company anymore, or add alcohol (vodka) to the old stuff 50/50 and it stays dissolved without a problem.

I do agree with Brook about dosing of anything, twice is not enough, and even if the stuff you have is under dosed, after a period of time something WILL happen. Not what you hoped for, but something anyway...


ROFLMAO!! Hahahaa! Funny fucker!


I am taking it, but the only side effect I had was my skin became flushed - red like I had a sunburn, the first time I used it. My friends all noticed it and I could not believe how red my chest back and face looked. But it went away in a few hours and my body must have adjusted to it because it has not happened again. I take it three times a week.


Or maybe it was nowt to do with that drug in the first place.


Why no love for letro?

Isn't that a low dosage for arimidex?


This is going to sound rather silly to some, but after my last test/Dbol cycle using armidex while on then a PCt of 40/40/20/20 I though for a week or so that I might have got some minor gyno development. I had no physical change in the nipple area no hard spot but nipple sensitivity,

I just thought it was close to impossible because I was very strict with my AAS regimine and I am not gyno prone.....then it hit me. My pecs had put on a lot of size. For whatever reason on this last cycle I made some significant improvements to the chest area. Long story short my pecs were rubbing more because my shirts especially tanktops were fitting so much smaller.

Just throwing that out there. 10 weeks post I definitely have no gyno but my shirts fit tighter.