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Arimidex and Joint Pain


Anyone had this? Its the only thing I can think of since starting HRH 2 weeks ago that would cause this onset of joint pain. Ankles, knees, hips, wrists etc out of no where have started to ache and be stiff. Didn't start till back on HRT.


[quote]Toshiero wrote:
Anyone had this? Its the only thing I can think of since starting HRH 2 weeks ago that would cause this onset of joint pain. Ankles, knees, hips, wrists etc out of no where have started to ache and be stiff. Didn’t start till back on HRT.[/quote]

How much are you taking?


.5 mg 2x per week. Just started the Adex this week. took .5 on Monday, by Wed/Thurs my joints hurt like hell. Was going to take another Dose Thursday and said forget it, and I feel better today.

Is it strange to possibly react to it like this?


What was your E2 before you started taking Adex? If your E2 is too low it can cause joint pain, so if you started taking an AI without knowing how high your E2 was to begin with, you made a big mistake. If you did have an E2 test that ran high and now the AI is causing joint pain you’d need to scale it back, but you should let your labs be your guide. Ideal E2 is somewhere in the 20s for most guys. Too much AI = Too low E2.


Test the E2

A lot of guys do not like adex at all. I am one of them…i never really had joint pain but it wrecked my libido, even with E2 at a good level. No clue but it has to do something with the mechanism of action.

You could consider switching to aromasin.


E2 was right at 30 which isn’t horrible by any stretch. I am with VTB I just don’t think my body likes Adex at all. Libido hasn’t been worth a damn although I am starting Cyp again so something is off and I have to think its the Adex.

Also like I posted yesterday I felt better yesterday, and now feel even better today the further I get away from having taken the Adex. Will give it awhile and see if I even need an Anti E at this point. Will get stuff tested again in 90 days so the test levels will have built up over a measurable amount of time and body will have had time to react E2 wise. Hell I might not need it but if I do I am requesting something else. In the mean time I will make sure I am getting enough Zinc etc.


You are an Adex over responder. I have the same problem. KSMAN talks about it in many threads.
If you search BROOK he also has some great insight about it. .5 eod put me in the same boat as you,
I take .25 (4 drops in a 1mg/ml calibrated dropper) e3d and it keeps me right where I need to be.
Good luck.


Your E2 is to low. The myth here is that 20-22 is the sweet spot. That’s true for some guys and not for others. I have to keep mine in the ballpark of 30. I’m sure it has to do with not only the hormone but receptor sensitivity. Switch to Aromasin. I my opinion a MUCH better AI.


I’ve been on arimidex for the last three weeks as part of an HcG monotherapy protocol for secondary hypogonadism. E2 after two months of HcG was 32.5 with an appreciable (TT = 722) increase in Total testosterone. The reason for the arimidex was to try and increase FT, which had seen a less than desirable increase despite total T increasing more than twice fold.

Started at .25 mg once per week because I wasn’t sure I could cut the pill any smaller. Once per week put me on a real rollercoaster of a ride. Day of and day after the .25 mg dose, libido would push up further, then drop and anxiety would set in (foul mood, nervousness, chest pain, brain fog, difficulty sleeping, lethargy, etc.) for the subsequent days. Realizing the half life of Adex meant needing more doses per week I decided to try and cut the pill smaller. Now I’m taking .125 mg twice per week and STILL feeling like shit the days in between doses.

Long story short, I’ll give it another week, but if I still have the same symptoms I’ll cut the adex out, try something else or try going back to no AI at all.
I think what’s happening is that my body, like a few others, is best at E2 = 30. The small dose of adex pushes me down from the mid 30’s, I see a boost in libido, and then as I pass through this into the 20’s or possibly lower and I feel like crap. By the time I’m ready to dose again it’s come back up and the cycle continues.




When I went to sub q injections a couple times a week I noticed a big difference in e2 dropping and testosterone increase. It’s been smooth sailing ever since. Same dose as always just spread out over time and sub q.