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Arimidex/Anastrozole Question


got a question about the Arimidex/anastrozole, that my clinic wants to give me , it comes in a capsule rather than a tablet, so i can't split it up ,... like i'm used to reading about on this forum, is this gonnna be a problem for me? thanks


take a known quantity of vodka and dissolve capsule into it and dose accordingly...you can also ask if the pharmacy will compound it into a liquid for you


Most capsules open up.


just get liquidex on-line. Pretty inexpensive. I went from 41 to 22.7 with 2 drops per day.


This is a good option for most, but if you have a prescription for anastrozole and your insurance covers it, it doesn't make sense. It costs me $10 copay for 30 pills, so I have no incentive to buy the liquid stuff on my own...but yeah, if I were paying out-of-pocket (even with a scrip) the pills are insanely expensive and I would definitely buy chems instead.


Has anyone tried Arimidex Nolvadex combo? I read that this is supposed to be a very powerful combo for dieting.