Arimidex Alternative During Cycle

Hi fellas,
i am starting my cycle with 1 to 4 weeks dbol 10,20,20,30mg respectively
Sustanon 250= 1 to 8 weeks= 250mg.
week 9,10,11 = Intermission
Week 12,13,14 PCT = 30mg, 20mg, 20mg nolva respectively.
i ws trying to get arimidex 0.25mg EOD during cycle but i am not able to get Arimidex in my country. So is there any alternative i can use during cycle?
and i also want to know best thing to avoid testicles atrophy except HCG

  1. This is a terrible cycle. 250mg/week is too low. double it.

  2. 8 weeks is too short if you’re going to run sustanon. I’d do at least 10.

  3. If you still want to run sustanon even though it’s shitty, make sure you inject at least 3 times per week. This is necessary because of the short ester component of the compound.

  4. Aromasin and Letro can replace arimidex.

  5. There is no replacement for HCG, but for a cycle this small, HCG really isn’t necessary anyway. I wouldn’t worry about that.

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It’s 4 weeks of dbol at a very low dose. It’s not going to do anything to your balls. You don’t need HCG with this.

Thanks flip for the info

A little low maybe but I think 500/week is way too much for a first cycle.

But I agree with everything else Flipcollar said.

Bot i have made some changes in my cycle n this my second cycle.First was with dbol n cypionate n it was a complete failure bcs of my i have moved forward n this is my ongoing cycle.
I am in my 8th week.
Week 1 to 5: dbol 10, 20,20,20,20mg respectively
Week 3 to 5: Sustanon 250 @ 250mg EW pinned twice evry tuesday n friday with 125mgs.
Week 6 to 12: 500mg EW pinned twice @250mg each.
Week 3 to 5: arimidex 0.25mg EOD
Week 6 to 12: arimidex 0.5mg EOD
Week 13 to 15: intermission
Week 16 to 18: nolvadex @ 40, 20, 20 mg respectively.
In my cycle i didn’t plan to go with HCG, but only with Arimidex and Nolvadex.
Now for sm reason i cannot get my hands to HCG here, my question is will Nolvadex be sufficient for taking care of testicles atrophy cause i have noticed my testicles atrophy n im concerned about this now.i hope u can help me out.

I don’t think 500 is too high but even being conservative I’d recommend 350-400mgs a week. Unless it’s pharma grade it’s probably underdosed to begin with, and since nearly everyone has more body fat than they believe, alot of the gains will be negated by a rise in estrogen. If you’re (most likely) going to lose half your gains after PCT, why not gain 10lbs and lose 5, then gain 5 and only keep 2-3?

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I guess I forgot to consider this, mine was all pharma grade.

This is very commendable. Very few people are willing to change or even listen to other opinions!!

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It does not take much gear for total HPTA shutdown. 100mg T cyp will kill LH/FSH in 3 days.

A SERM will maintain LH/FSH and avoid testicular shutdown. You can do labs to see that.

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KSman, I respect what you have done here, esp. the TRT forum. You’ve helped me a great deal.

With that said, you are wrong about SERM working while injecting T. I have blood work to prove this.


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