Arimidex Aging Skin?

Are there any long term users of AIs?
Almost all women on cancer forums made the same experience of aging years! While being on arimidex and aromasin etc.

Have you experienced the same? And what could be the reason?
Trt is a " til the end of life thing) so is arimidex.

Most people here don’t use (or need) Anastrozole. A majority of the guys doing cycles using 3X TRT doses aren’t using AI’s either. On T alone I look better at 36 than I did at 26.

That is unlikely

Cancer is a bitch and that alone with stress can age most people. Add chemo and lack of proper nourishment and you have aging skin. So its kinda hard to single out the AI as the cause

Yes that could be a reason. Also I think the AI dosage trt users take is by far not that heavy what women take. I was just curious if someone made such experience with fucking up the skin

What is your dossage? I think most people who are above 150 mg need AIs at some point. I mean you will bloat or feel some of the side effects of the testosterone.

I always feel high estrogen when my pulse is higher. That’s the moment I “feel” the water retention

Estrogen has been shown to have a beneficial, and in some instances, protective effect on skin elasticity, thickness and collagen synthesis. AI’s like Adex decrease estrogen, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to me that consistent low estrogen levels would lead to faster skin aging or at least visible aging.

My dosage is 200mg and get this… My E2 is almost 80. The whole water retention thing is stupid and untrue. Most people will get water retention when starting testosterone and it goes away on its own. Diet plays a much larger part. Take an AI if you want but it’s not needed and water retention isn’t a reason to be taking it regardless.

What you feel is the shit you’ve read so many times you believe it to be true. I was there myself my first year of TRT. I probably would have said the same thing. It took crashing estrogen twice for me to reconsider what I “knew” was true. Now I feel way better. I doubt this post will change your mind but remember it for in the future.

Nope, I’ve used 200mg for a fairly prolonged period of time… Max dose I’ve ever used in relation to test is 250. and I’ve (very briefly) tried 250 + 20mg dbol for about 2 wks… No AI, no “estrogenic” side effects either

Actually I retain quite a bit of water, but unrelated to E2 (more likely effect on RAAS)

Evidently you must not be taking your AI. Water retention is only caused by estrogen and there are no other systems in the human body. Since I know your dose is above 150mg then you definitely require an AI or there’s a 92% chance of drowning in your own water retention (backed by studies). The other 8% died of estrogen overdose. The TRT police all carry estrocan on their person for E2 overdoses these days.

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Estrocan… lol, this made my day

Thanks for the info.
Well I am on 200 as well. And I use AI only sometimes when I think my water retention or my pulse because of water retention gets too high.

To be honest. A couple years ago I was on 250 mg all year and never knew what AIs are or estrogen.
Almost all my people who are on test since many years never used any AIs.

But this forum and other trt forums talked so much about how bad estrogen is that I felt some discomfort.
I changed my protocol to 100 mg then to 150 then to 125 and so on. And since couple months I went back to my 200 mg like I was before.

I definitely learned that too much information can fuck you up.

And that is exactly the reason why I asked this question here. Don’t want to take that shit anymore.

My father who is on testosterone for 20 years told me that the old-schoolers in Arnold’s era didn’t even know about those stuff. He told me that back then they all looked better than any of this people today.
Well that’s is an argument.

Is it true that the water retention thing is about how much carbs you eat?

What is RAAS??

That’s the problem. Most of the posts saying bad things about e2 have since found to be wrong, or at the very least, likely wrong with the information we have today.

My ankles were so swollen I could barely tie my shoes when I started TRT… a lot of people would say then obviously I need an AI. I never took one and a few weeks later it went away on its own, hasn’t been an issue since.

Many people have had similar experiences

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