Arimdex .50 ED or .50 EOD???

Hi guys, I’m new in this forum, well I’ll be getting into my next cycle next week, It’ll be like this…

01-12 400 mg./ew cyp
01-10 250 mg./ew deca
10-14 50 mg./ew stano
02-14 .50 mg./eod arimidex
Demacrine sustain

Well I have two doubts, first of all, is it going to be enough .50 eod?? or should I take it ed??? and should I drop the dosis in the PCT or drop it at all??? This will be my third cycle… and I have never take a_dex before, and I wanna be sure it doesnt affect my sex drive… trought the cycle or the PCT…

If ur fixed on taking a-dex while on ur cycle I would take it eod at .5mg. I wouldnt take a-dex for post cycle. also I would bump up the cyp to 500mg/wk if you can. I know alot of guys who dont take any AI while on that moderate dose of test. so its really up to you and how you feel.

That’s not a heavy cycle. Unless you are extremely prone to gyno,and you’re bodyfat isn’t high,.05 every other day should be plenty.