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Arimadex Dosage with Test Ethenate

Im taking 700+Mg test e a week and started ading arimadex to keep estrogen low. How much a week dosage do you all recommend? For example half pill eod, full pill e3d?

Everyone is different. Some dont need at all, some need alot. I would need 2 whole tabs a day on this dose, so only bloodwork can tell.

Im thinking taking half tab every second day i dont want to nuke eostrogen so half tab everyday second day on jab day should be alright?

As i said it is IMPOSSIBLE to know.
Some people can kill their e2 and absolutely destroy themselves with 1/4th a tab, and some, like me, can eat em like skittles and still have too much e2.

As i adviced - ONLY BLOODWORK can tell :
1)Do you even need it?
2)How much and how will you react on it.

No one here will give you any other advice on how much AI you need because it is impossible to know. You are asking the impossible question, but there is cheap, easy and 100% effective way to know, and it is called - bloodwork.

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No one knows man. Get labs and see

you’re better off with aromasin , you’re less likely to crash your estrogen on it

I would start the ai when you need it. That way you know what high e2 feels like, and you will know if you go too far with the ai.

I have done 600 no ai, no symptoms, not even bloating much.