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Arild Haugen the Boxer


some of you may remember hearing about Arild stepping away from strongman to go into boxing, here he is in supposedly his first exhibition match


That's cool, I remember reading that he left strongman in protest of the bad organisation and bad pay.

I'd love to see him in MMA where he can use that insane strength in grappling and such, but he seems to have picked up some good boxing skills already so hopefully he'll turn pro and start crushing some people within a year or so.


Which one is Arild?


You can definitely make a lot more money in boxing/MMA than strongman; even when you are at the WSM level (which is where Arild was competing).

He was amazing on the stones and I know that he has recently done some strongman work - would be good to see him at least compete occasionally. In the end I can understand his decision though. Most strongman compete because they enjoy it, and only a select few can use it as a primary source of income.


arild was the best strongman In my eyes, great example of how you can be strong and not a FATA%%


If you can't tell which one was Arild then you're in the wrong place.


His lats are actually too big- he can't keep his elbows down. That's a bad thing.


I know very little about boxing, but do you think he can compensate by turning more?


Not really. A target is a target. He's gotta be able to drop those elbows down hard on a punch, and be able to keep them in enough to cover his floating ribs and liver or else he'll be fucked as soon as he comes across a Mexican.


He's also got terrible footwork, no head movement, and a plethora of other stuff wrong. But it's his first show, maybe he will improve if he takes it seriously enough. He does seem to have decent balance, and he throws his punches straight.

One thing I can say- my man has a BIG right hand. I would not want to get hit by that.


I don't think he can move his head considering the size of his traps lol.


sarcasm detector...


actually nowadays more and more top strongman athletes combine stength while still fairly lean, ever heard of Pudzinowski, Poundstone, Kevin Nee, Sidorychev
even going way back Manfred Hoeberl, Kaz, and Jon Paul.


So your definition has nothing to do with actually winning int'l competitions, just appearance. Cool.

I hope nobody takes that as a slap at arild


not the strongest I meant my favorite....LOL!


I'd like to see lb stone jump on to the last platform after loading all 5 in like 20 secs.


If they made that part of the competition, I'd bet that he could. I'd liek to see Arild succeed to the best of his abilities in whatever field he chooses to display them in