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Argument About Size


My friend seams to think that low weight and large reps = size/mass

I think low reps and large weight = size/mass

whos right


which one of you is bigger?

/end thread


thats not the argument, he thinks low weight and hight reps = size/reps

I think high weight and low reps = size/reps


sorry size/mass




large reps and large weight and high weight = size/reps

see your both wrong


stupid question bro

btw have you allowed Hany Rambod into your life and accepted him as your savior? Allow the power of FST-7 to guide you.


all i wanna know is who the hell is that in Ct.'s avatar


Its my pretty lil pain kitten.....


Food = size/mass. Training dictates the type of mass.


I hate you and your friend. You more, though, for actually making this thread.




You forgot to add teh roidz in the equation.

And yeah, what Waylander wrote....


^this is how.


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do either one all out heavy rep, then wait a week and do it again OR just stay super light and get your reps into the crazy numbers. i did 5 sets of 82 reps w/ 35lb dbs for chest yesterdays...i feel like a big man.

i hate this forum sometimes. i wish the site had a screener wherein if the topic was too fucking silly it would be denied. i'm going to go write about my beard.


When you trim or shave it, do you use one long razor stroke, or many smaller razor strokes?

What supps do you use for your beard?


^ this

i have a skinny ecto/hardgainer beard type and have real trouble adding mass, i think i need a good supp plan to get some proper growth happening.

what's your peri-shave protocol like?


I got a friend in my football team.

He got 170 kg squat, 240 kg deadlift and a 140 kg bench. I got a 180 kg squat, 240 kg deadlift and a 120 kg bench.

He is the bigger guy because he train a lot of high reps 8-15 reps. But you would not gain size if you did not have the strength for it.

I only train 1-3 reps mostly. So i only get strength and less hypertrophy.

Nobody gets big by doing 8-15 reps on 40 kg in the bench press.

So gain strength first then work in the higher rep ranges to build quality mass.


Maybe for the 2nd or 3rd time in my life, when i typed 'lol', it was a correct representation of my real life action.


After seeing you drop this into pretty much every thread, i decided to actually read up on it. Looks pretty interesting....