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Argument About Best Place To Live


Hey there,

I was talking with some friends in my dorm about where the best place to live would be after college assuming money's not an issue.

I remember walking around midtown Manhattan and really feeling this would be a cool place to live for a while. My friends thought this was crazy, and that people only live there for the work and that I'd get sick of it. I also wondered if Miami would be fun but someone said it was "overrated" . . . no follow up details on that.

My idea of a good place to live would be where there are lots of hot, young people. Actually just hot, young women.

One of my friends said Canada (and judging by the thread in the Sex forum he's right) but I figured it's too damn cold up there.
So am I off in wanting to live in Miami? Is it a fun place or is that just an image?
I know there have been a couple threads on this in the past but I think this is a little different since I'm not looking for a house or anything, don't have a family to raise . . . just an id to fulfill.


NYC is the last place you'll ever want to live if you move there. Manhattan isn't that great to live in but Brooklyn is awesome. I've tried to find somewhere else to move and no matter where it is, I always decide I can't leave NY. Just think of living somewhere that has the best of everything, all the time. It's worth the money you spend to be here.


One word answer.......



Tempe, AZ

Party capitol of America, atleast with young hot WOMAN!


Man... are you SERIOUS about that? thinking canada is too cold but considering manhattan? what the hell do they teack you down there?? im from toronto, you kno what the temperature is right now? 2C. manhattan has a nearly identical temperature to manhattan.

taking the 3 largest cities in canada (toronto, montreal, and vancouver), toronto is the same temp as manhattan and nearly as far south as northern california, vancouver's winter's consist of rain and 10 degree celsius weather, and montreal is slightly cooler than toronto. in conclusion, vancouver has better winter temperatures than nearly all of northern USA and is much more beautiful IMHO (mountains, world-class skiing near by, and mild temperatures during the winter, not to mention a TEMPERATE RAIN FOREST near by).

toronto, is nearly the same as manhattan in terms of temp, and is an up and coming world-class city, and montreal, well its nice, and has history, and ppl seem to think french chicks r hot (plus an 18 y.o. drinking age). hope that helps, and please dont think of canada as the far north, the majority of the population goes thru the same weather as you schmucks from the south.


Well in my defense I am the product of a US public education.
Okay, so both Canada AND New York are too cold.


New Jersey hands down.

Yea, keep laughing. We don't want any of you here anyway. If the country found out how cool this state is, you'd move here. And that's the last thing we'd want.


My vote is for San Diawgo, which we all know is German for A Whale's Vagina


No shit? I would never have guessed.


Sounds like too big of a place for me


I was watching Miami Ink tonight where Chris and Ami visit Hawaii.

The went to a freind's house for a bbq. They invited beautiful women over and drank beer. Oh yeah, it was sunset with the beach in the background.

That is heaven.


If you are truly rich, Manhattan is king.

You can jump on a plane and fly south in the winter for vacation.

If you are not rich, Manhattan is a hassle.


If you don't speak Spanish, Miami is overrated and the traffic really sucks. I mean, how long can you party in South Beach without getting sick of the bullshit?


That's because it's not true. There's no way Toronto and Manhattan have identical average temps. I'm sure that there are days where this is true, but there are also days where it's hotter in NY than in Texas. I live 30 miles from Manhattan and I work in Manhattan and I spend a lot of time in Central NY (about 100 miles southeast of Toronto). You can't really compare temps of the two. 24-hr annual Average temps are NYC=53.1, TOR=45.7. That is actually a pretty big difference in temps.

That being said, NYC has a ton of hot young ladies and a great night scene, if that's what you want. If money is no object, and this is what you want, go with Manhattan, as close to Central Park as you can get. Leave the other boroughs for the natives because they are the only ones fighting over which one is better.



Pueblo Colorado...yeah baby. We used to hold a record for having the most bars and liquor stores per capita in the U.S. And um...we have the world's biggest mural.


Hey man,

I totally understand your considerations as far as choosing a place to live. My biggest consideration is also hot women. I dedicate a large portion of my life to meeting women and basically trying to fuck as soon as possible.

Here is the deal. There are hot women everywhere. At least in every large city. You really have to look at 2 things:

  1. What kind of women do you like?
    I like variety, so I choose NYC. One poster said that Manhattan sucks, while Brooklyn rocks. Well, I live in Brooklyn and if I could afford it, I would move to Manhattan in a heartbeat. instead I am moving to place in Queens, that is very close to Manhattan. People do not only live in NY for work. So if you found yourself thinking that you would like to live here then you probably would love it. And your friends who think it's carzy, they probably would not like it. So you see, it's a personal perference.

Before I get to the second point let me comment on a few other places that have been mentioned.

NJ - all NJ chicks look similar to me. No good. Same goes for Arizona.

Toronto is good for variety, but it IS colder than NYC.

I have heard lots of good things about Australia.

Miami - I personally don't like the bullshit.

San Diego - I think it's a boring city. Again personal, opinion.

  1. Convinience
    Regardless of where you live. You have to set it up so that it's convinient to meet chicks and bring them home. Basically decide WHERE you will be meeting women (for most people it's clubs/bars but it can be bookstores or just in the STREET) and live there.

Also helps if there is a coffee shop near your house.

Final piece of advice - travel!

Whatever you decide - go out of your house as much as possible.


Birmingham, Alabama, well the suburbs anyway.


I second the vote for San Diego, if you don't mind never having seasons... I would suggest Baltimore if there wasn't about a 50/50 chance of being shot/stabbed/raped/carjacked on any given day... but the plus side is, we're the heroin capital of the country... that's something to take pride in.


Charlotte, NC must be the best place to live since all of the yankees are moving down here. That, and we just whooped their football team. Go Panthers!!!


The ones with huge breasts. haha, just kidding . . . but not really. Above all, I like girls that don't take themselves too seriously.

I remember talking to this guy at a Thanksgiving dinner who was in the Navy. He said there were parts of Australia where there were way more women than men. And that their mothers would try to set them up with the navymen their so they could to America. I didn't really believe him but maybe there's some truth in there?

heh this is the second time someone's referred to bullshit. What's up with the bullshit?

Awesome post man, really appreciate it.