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Arguements for Defending Meat-Eating


I've been eating alot of meat for quite some time now, but lately alot of my family members are becoming vegetarian and they always have me against the ropes in regards to their reasoning and arguments of how much more beneficial a vegetarian diet is compared to eating meat.

It's starting to annoy me now and I want to know some good reasons (not just "meat tastes good" or meat is for men) as to why its not good to be strictly vegetarian. What do you guys say to people who try to push their vegan "agenda" onto you?


"Sorry, I'm not interested."


Anyway, my favourite argument is the importance of full protein. And as soon as they start pushing soya on me, I know they have no clue what they're talking about.


Tell them to shut the fuck up and eat their cabbage.


Cock slap them


The agriculture of the modern world is destroying our bodies and our world. Tell them that, truth hurts. A good piece of grass feed beef truly stands higher on a morality level then the corn and grains they eat. I wouldn't even be phased by a vegetarian never mind feel bad.

Jesus ate meat and the bible says nothing about avoiding it 6 days a week. Significant to me atleast.


I like to think those sharper front teeth are supposed to be using for something other than biting nipples.


I was eating at a restaurant with a girl who was a vegetarian. When my food arrived and I cut into my steak she looked hurt and started to tell me how wrong I was to eat meat. I looked at her right in the eyes and said "Moo." Worked for me.


tell them that they have given up their spot on the food chain. then eat them.


Friend of mine used to have a shirt that read "If we aren't supposed to eat animals, how come they're all made out of meat?" This thread makes me laugh remembering how many idiots were offended by that


vegetarian on the left, meateater on the right. Enough said.


Just like pandas!


When dealing with the "smug vegan" it is of the utmost importance to present a clear, well-researched opinion on the matter, anticipating any possible rebuttal.

I would wrap my head in aluminum foil at the dinner table. When they ask what you're doing, explain that they are emitting ghey signals at an almost impossibly ghey frequency, and that the layer of foil is your only protection from their ghey bioaccumulating in your brain and thus causing you to become ghey.


LOL I want that shirt!


just remember. MEAT IS MURDER!!! tasty, tasty murder.


Tell them that for every animal they don't eat, you'll eat three.

(I know it's old)


Mmmmmmmmmm vegetarians are tasty. I love cows, deer, elk, moose and bison. Well, what more do you need to say, meat tastes good, especially in all the orgasmic combinations that you can cook it up. Hamburgers are awesome, just had one a little bit ago as matter of fact, and man after going a week without and eating other vegetarian animals with less fat, that burger tasted goooooooooodd. I'm a carnivorous beast.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Hamburgers!

End of discussion.


My girlfriend has a vegan bitch friend. She always tells me how much of an idiot I am for eating the body parts of animals. She explains how healthy it is to eat "her" way, and how much damage I am doing to my body.

She ate a whole bag of ketchup chips in front of me, and is probably around 30% body fat with tiny little arms and legs with sunken in eyes and shitty skin.
I am around 6% and have a RHR usually under 50 BPM. I ate 3 gigantic venison sausages tonight, with a side order of steak and pepper kabobs.

I don't remember what the fuck this thread was about, but people who don't eat meat for personal reasons are fucking idiots, and I hope they get eaten by an adult lion. Then, I'll eat that lion and gain it's powers.


Human bodies are designed to be omnivorous. Neglecting meat or plant based foods is denying your body nutrients that it was designed to run on.

Soy is not a substitute for meat.

Both types of food are necessary.


soy is also not a substitute for food.
tell your family that you are eating vegetables. they're just processed.