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Arginine + Citrulline + Vitamin C

I just had the most insane pump at the gym today.

At first I would have a small red bull and it gave me a stim effect and may or may not have helped and I had pretty good pumps and I could get through my workout fine with little rest between sets.

Until it really sunk in that caffeine is a vasoconstrictor. So I looked at supplements that could do the opposite. Most pre workouts are loaded with caffeine and Stims and I’m trying to steer away from that. So I looked at citrulline and arginine , the main supplements for vasodilation.

Also knowing vitamin c is also a vasodilator I mixed 3 scoops of arginine and citrulline with some orange juice half an hour before my workout.

Dudes my muscles blew up like balloons. I could feel my skin stretching, and they were wicked tight it was like hard to bend my arms. I didn’t even do anything special just my normal workout.

I also noticed though my muscles started to really burn on the last half of my reps which made it harder mentally to keep going but I kinda liked it at the same time. I usually only get that intense burning on the last rep or two or during drop sets.

So I don’t know if it was one or the other or all 3 but something worked it was aweaome. I’m gonna try just one and see what happens and experiment.

Anyone else have experience with something similar?

Probably the carbs from the orange juice and the citrulline. Those two are a recipe for great pumps. Could prob get the same result with just the citrulline honestly. That’s how effective it is

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