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Arginine and Lysine.

I have a couple of bottles of Arginine and Lysine sitting around. I was going to use them as “natural” HGH. Is there any basis of truth as to their ability to stimulate your HGH production? In what doses would you use them?

It’s never been proven to produce a significant amount of HGH for muscle growth or fat loss.You get a higher GH response by taking a nap.

Lysine IS good, however, for preventing cold sores. So if you’re prone to them, keep it around for that purpose.

The arginine? Try selling it to a teenager and use the money to buy yourself some protein.

It will take an assload of arginine to elevate your GH, and even then it won’t be as great an elevation as that which occurs when you just go to sleep! Plus, 12g should give you some lovely stomach cramping and diarrhea. In other words, those bottles would probably make better paperweights than supplements.

I’ve heard that resistance training is pretty good for elevating GH; you could try that…