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Arginine And Creatine Supplements


alright so im gonna start lifiting weights again, and i want that extra edge to help me get bigger faster.. Some friends of mine are taking NO2 .. which is basically nitric oxide which helps blood flow if im not mistaken.. and the swear by it.... and also i hear about creatine which has to do with rebuilding atp.

I found that product which has nitric acid and creatine. I was wondering if this would be just like taking NO2 and creatine.. or if its missing some of the vital ingredients. Also how much improvement would i see while using this?


you might want to look up about the no2 scam i wouldnt taken it


i did, it only increases blood flow, so im not gonna pay 120 bucks a bottle for it, i was jw if this would be like a mix between a creatine supplement and no2

its GNC Nitro Explosion.


Just buy regular old creatine Monohydrate it woks and you will save a TON of cash.


I agree. Pick it up from Nutrabiotics, Propower, or Beverly Nutrition.



Don't buy into the nitric oxide scam.