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WARNING: not for the faint of heart

This is one of the worst days of my life!!! Last night and today morning I ate 2 cups of bran, thinking it’s good fiber. My ass! Well this afternoon it came out and it’s cutting my arse up like a razor! I can’t even sit still! And woe and behold, I realized that it’s because the stuff is still in my rectum! I ate a bunch of fruits, took 4 teaspoons of sugar-free Metamucil, but I still can’t get the thing out! Help, this is urgent, I think I’m going to die of pain.

Try a mineral oil enema. Available at CVS. That should get things moving.

OK…damn…I’m trying not to…damn…LOL ok so I got it out of the way. I think it might be time to bring out the ‘big guns’ – start with a tablespoon of mineral oil. If you’re not…um…cleansed by the next morning, go for glycerin suppositories. If that STILL doesn’t work, ugh…try the ol’ Fleet’s Enema. If THAT doesn’t work, ask the pharmacist about what people take before they go in for colonoscopies.

Have you tried a plunger?

Clogg, no more Metamucil!!! You’re adding more fiber to a fiber backlog. Please give some serious thought to giving your doctor a call.

However, if it were me who was in the shape you’re in, I might try some Magnesium Citrate. Take the whole bottle, tastes awful, sorry. You can get it at Walgreens or just about any pharmacy. It comes in a green bottle and is used to clean you out FAST and COMPLETELY when you have to go in for a colonoscopy or the like. Also, drink plenty of water. Bran falls into the cellulosic/hemicellulosic fiber category, meaning it absorbs water and increases bulk. It is slightly irritating to the intestinal tract and is not my favorite fiber for that reason. In the future, I’d recommend a tablespoon followed by a 16-ounce glass of water. Taking bran (or any fiber) without enough water causes serious problems, like the ones you’re experiencing.

Another thing I might recommend as an alternative is cascara sagrada, which is an herbal laxitive. I’d probably start with 4 capsules and a big glass of water, with another 3 every 4 to 6 hours (with water) until your problem is resolved. Cascara is probably my favorite of all of the herbal laxitives. It is non-habituating, tones the muscles of the intestinal tract and does not produce griping, cramping or constipative rebound. It has relatively little effect on the small intestines, but cause vigorous peristalsis (the contractions that move intestinal content) in the large intestines.

My last recommendation – and I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone’s sensibilities – is the purchase of and use of an enema bag (available at any pharmacy). Use luke warm water, NOT COLD water, whatever you do.

Good luck!!!

Well ain’t that the shits. When ever using a fibre supplement Drink AT least 8ozs of water per tablespoon. Try a glycerine suppository or two, they are available over the counter. That should help soften things up. There are other options too, talk with the pharmacist. Peace, Tmofa

This thread should go on the FAQ. “What NOT to do with your fiber supplement”.

try taking a few grams of powdered vit C, i took too much in my post workout shake last week…two hours later i was shitting through the eye of a needle at a furious rate

mineral oil and flaxseed oil works. drink a lot of water and stay home! laters pk

Ok, it’s better now. I managed to live through the night, and as soon as the local clinic opened, I got a perscription for a tube of corticosteroid ointment. It seems that I have a case of hemmorhoids, hence the pain. This is a valuable lesson to me: IF YOU HAVE A BOX OF BRAN, BURN IT!!! I’m sure that it was the bran getting dehydrated for some reason that did this to me. Now I see why B-Builders eat oatmeal instead of bran…lol.

Funniest thread ever.

Clogg, I’m glad you’re finally…unclogged.

DAmn man you took way too much bran. I take wheat bran for extra fiber. 2 tablespoons is equal to 4 grams of fiber, so imagine what 2 cups can do hah.

Tough lesson to learn. I eat 1/2 cup no-sugar bran cereal per pound P+F whenever I eat bran. I remember when I ate 2 1/2 cups Uncle Sam cereal alone, and the time I tried loading on fiber with the idea of loading carbs and creatine.

Agreeing with doogie…I am sitting here cracking up. Sorry!

I agree with doggie too, it’s even better than the newbies’ creatine (whatever) question! :slight_smile:

Sorry, got to go (laughing!)