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Argh, Cubital Tunnel Syndrom


So, after suffering a strained shoulder from a botched DB press, a week later while studying and propping myself on my elbows like always, I shifted and felt an electric shock like feeling run up my left fore arm to the hand. From that moment on through the night, random fingers and patches of my hand would have transient sensations of it falling asleep. The same would go for random patches on my fore arm and bicep as well.

Another week later, this sensation appeared on my left arm as well. Up to this point, I haven't lost any noticeable sensation, dexterity or strength.

But I am terribly worried. I want to hit the gym tomorrow. But I wonder if lifting right now would fuck me over. Its been about 3 weeks since the nerve symptoms.

I have consulted a sports med/orthopedic. He believes both the shoulder and nerves will heal in time. About 6 weeks for the nerves. I am comfortable enough with my shoulder to do 45 lb Overhead presses and chins. He doesn't think surgery is necessary. But again, this is all lacking any fancy medical study, which I cannot afford as a full time student.

Would doing OHPs, chins, squats, and dead lifts be a bad idea with my condition? Im sure most of you are not doctors, but past experiences would be wise.

Thanks for reading.


Oh yeah, his diagnosis was cubital tunnel syndrome.


acute exacerbation causing nerve problems usually subsides with time. Speed it up a little with NSAIDs. You can look up nerve flossing on youtube. if it hurts, dont do it.