Argghhh. Doctors

saw my gp today (well one of her students) brought my previous lab work. my free t level is 79 pmol which equate to 6.1 ng/dl which i feel is very low for a 32 year old. i requested a follow up lab with shbg, e2, fsh, lh and total t. the student seemed willing to comply but asked the other doctor for her input. so shes comes in saying oh you have some questions and concerns which immediatly sent off a red flag she was goin to be a problem.

i hadf already explained my low t and that i want to get it checked out and that im depressed, have no libido, extreeme fatigue etc… she said oh it just sounds like youre depressed and your t levels arent that low. and suggested more anti depressants. i told her no way and i need these tests done and was on the verge of an anxiety attack in her office . told her that i have been suffering for so long and put on so any psych meds already. she was like you need to go to the gym more and i was like i cant even work out cause im so weak and have no energy. and again had to relay the libido issues to now 2 people which is embarassing. she agreed to another full t but refused shbg, e2 and prolactin.

i said if she wouldnt run the tests ill find someone who will. it was horrible. i know what help i need and told her i dont need anymore hurdles being put up in my way. again she chalks it all up to depression. come on i know im depressed please tell me something i dont know. id like to address the root of the potential issue not just throw more meds at it. idiots. so frustrating when im just trying to get the help i need.

Your mistake was speaking the word “depression”, when they hear that they automatically revert to their training. It stops any further treatment options other than SSRI’s.

As if depressed people can’t also have low T.

Good grief, does any one of them ever consider that you may be depressed because you have low libido and extreme fatigue? I would think having the energy to go to the gym, get stronger, put on some muscle and look better, and have more sex, would make one much happier and perhaps cure depression.

I know it is possible to have two things wrong, maybe you’re depressed because you have low T. I’m afraid you are booking a loser with this doctor.

Get your own labs done. At private md labs , you can pick any test you want. No questions asked, get results in a couple of weeks. My HRA card pays for mine, just need to submit the receipts.

Read the stickies at the beginning of this forum and plan your tests, then you can walk into any dr prepared with comprehensive blood work