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Are Your Dogs Spoiled?


Mine are spoiled and entitled beyond belief.

This is the 14 month old blue, supposedly Razor's edge and Gotti mix. Loves to jump up on things.


Yes, beyond all reason.


My 3 year old red. Makes a beeline for this spot every time he enters the house.


nice car you got there. Dodge charger? challenger?


My 2 pits and my Dane.


It is a charger. I want a challenger. Just can't justify the money because I would have to have a SRT8.


My dream car is a 1970 Challenger, like the one from Vanishing Point. But i also love the 69 chargers.




Yup spoiled to the core.


Life on a farm is good.



YES. Dumb, fat, and lazy. Love him to death though.



Jesus, does everybody have a pit? Glad I didn't get that Corgi.


And you have good taste in cars??? The charger from the first fast and furious is my dream car.


I will never have another breed of dog after having pits. Love the great dane to death, but I won't be getting another.

And nice dog X.


i can see the appeal of them. Muscular and beautiful. I'd consider getting one once I settle down because I know they need alittle more extra care and attention.


I own Fast and Furious just because of that car!

I also own some shiteous movies becaue of the cars - like Death Proof.


My parents have a "pitt" stray. It's both the dumbest and sweetest dog I know.


Short hair, good temper, will fight to protect me....and fucking loves the shit out of me.

Yeah, they have appeal.

I have had a lot of dogs. I never had one that just loves to try to please me.

You tell him to get off the bed, he gets off the damn bed.

Now...if I can just get him to stop "stealing and hiding" my shoes.