Are You Worried about Being Dependent on TRT During the Upcoming Trying Times?

Recession is coming, as well a shortages. How worried are you about getting being on TRT during these times and potentially losing access?

I’m not. I already switched providers so it’s less expensive - only about $100/month.

If $100/month sinks you, you were already going to be sunk. Sorry not sorry.

Would just go self-medicated if I really needed to. Cost goes from $23/1mL to like $3.50/1mL that way.


100 a month seems pricey tbh. 2 vials cost me about 200 and last 6 months

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For prescribed, legal TRT?

Where you getting pharma grade Test for less than $230/10mL vial? (who’s your provider?)

yep. Defy Medical


Fuck, you had me run up a cost comparison to check (because I was sure you were wrong - you weren’t).

Test: 1196/yr
Bloodwork: 190/yr
Visit: 70/yr
Total: $1456

Test: 611.52
Bloodwork: 514/yr
Visit: 190/yr
Total: 1315.52

Welp, thanks for proving me wrong!

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I was paying $35 for a 10ml vial, picking it up from walgreens. There are several threads with how little others are paying. So that is like $15 a month.

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Not even remotely. Supply hasn’t been limited where I am, but I do have a year or so of back up

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give them a call if youre interested

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I have been on medicine since age 7, so 43 years on medicines and no shortages.

This is interesting to me. I’ve been going to the same clinic for about 13 years now. They require you to come in which hasn’t been horrible because they’re also almost like a general practitioner for me in that they’ll prescribe anti-biotics and other stuff aside from TRT protocols. But it’s getting expensive and work makes it harder to get in.

Are these online companies pretty easy to work with? Were you already on TRT when you switched to Defy / Matrix?

When everyone expects a recession its called being priced in, and isnt going to happen