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Are you Trypophobic?


Does this picture bother you?


or this one.


I'm literally itching all over from looking at these pics...



My skin is crawling and I feel like I have bugs running all over my scalp.


want to throw up... a lot... gonna go throw up... why? why would you do this?


and of course I had to google more pictures... I might not sleep or eat for a while :frowning:


The finger nail one kind of bothers me, but I like the butterfly one, and the lizard one also.


I feel like I'm asking a stupid question but are those real holes in a person's body?


Pretty sure pic 1 is just very clever tattoos. Looks a bit creepy but I wouldn't call it a phobia; we just tend to dislike big holes in tissue since we associate it with maggots etc. The same pattern on a stone wouldn't bother me.


yeah i thought you ones on the arms and legs were probably fake, but those finger ones look so real...


WTF!!! I thought they were stickers. Now that I look at the pictures again I am crept out.


I think it's just a regular picture of a person, with the holes photoshopped on. The third one is a lamprey mouth photoshopped onto fingers, I would assume the other two are more or less the same.


I did an image search the most disgusting pictures are the images of trench foot or anything that look like that was a result of disease. Since the holes in the fingers are flesh colored it freaks me out also.

Edit: I want to be unsubscribed from this thread.


phew, that makes me feel better. The fingers still look totally horrific though


There are some hideous images out there, ones that no mortal man should ever see of his own free will. I put up a direct link to one such place, but the mods took it down before it could unleash horror and degradation on the pure, innocent minds of T-Nation's forums.

(For reference, search Encyclopedia Dramatica for it's "Offended" section.) I will warn that it is the most terrifyingly hellish webpage I've ever seen. If it's any consolation, the only picture that really shook me was the close-up of a spider, I have to live with knowing that it was the ONLY picture there that got me. Venture forth at your own risk.


I will never forgive you for what I just saw.


opens incognito window
Google searches "Encyclopedia Dramatica Offended"
scrolls down very slowly
browser closed


Scanned the whole page sigh


I gave the necessary precautions, it is all on you now. Do with that mental imagery what you wish.


omg. ...


How can MD's deal with that kind of stuff... "offended" section...