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Are You Too Big?


Anybody on here looked in the mirror and thought to themselves, "I have too much muscle." ?




The brain of a Tyranasaurus Rex is roughly the size of a human testicle




I thought this was gonna be a penis thread...

I'm disappointed now.




Yeah, all the time.



I wouldn't mind trading some length for girth.


Damn all this time I thought it was a muscle.


So it looks like nobody thinks they're too big, so why are there always questions about getting too big?


Wanna trade? Mine looks like a turgid sweet potato.


ON the real though The worst part about being HULK LIKE, is sleeping on your side. Use to love sleeping on my side now its not happening. shoulder get all jacked up


Trick question...maybe.




not likely to happen in the near future


Never. I'm the opposite, never satisfied.


Because nobody actually wants to work for shit anymore...

It's an excuse to half ass training, like everything else they do in life.

At least that is what I think is the issue.


I learned 2 things from this thread

First, never eat another sweet potato, ever again.

Second, my shoulder hurts because I sleep on my side.


glad I could help


The only people who seem to think they are "too big"...are the guys logging on with 23" quads talking about how big their legs are and how they can't find clothes.