Are You Suppose to Get Weaker on Candito 6 Week Intermediate Program?

When I started the canditio 6 week intermediate program i put all my lifts in a 1rm calculator and reduced my max lifts each by 10kg, now I’m finished week 5 and need to hit new prs but since I was weak on week 5 since I was inconsistent in bulking, one day I would eat enough then the other I wouldn’t since i wouldn’t eat for the whole day and i would try to eat everything during the night and wouldn’t manage to hit my calorie goal for the day, mixed with little sleep and skipping workouts since I felt I wouldn’t make any progress training sleep deprived and in a caloric defict, so I hit 122.5kg for a extremely difficult 1 rep even though I hit it 2 weeks ago easily for 2, i couldn’t bench 85kg for not even 1 lol, dropped to 82.5kg and still couldn’t so gave up, and just managed to hit 147.5kg for 4 on deadlift even though I should be stronger on deadlifts now since I already hit 147.5kg for 5 reps a Month and a couple a weeks ago on my 2nd last week on SL 5x5, and now I technically am weaker on squat and bench than I was before and the same strength for deadlift for 2 months now, I managed to get from 79kg to 81kg though but idk how because I’m weaker for some reason so must be only fat

I’ve noticed the same thing when I ran the program. I’m also a beginner so I can’t really explain why. Maybe @chris_ottawa @T3hPwnisher or @dchris might have more insights

I’ve never used @JC_Tree_Trunks programs before.

But the topic creator was neglecting the assistance work, which I imagine contributed.


I didn’t neglect the assistance work, idk where you got that ridiculous information from

From here

I highlighted the relevant part.


JC Tree Trunks? That’s fun. I hope we receive a transmission from HQ.

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I haven’t been able to take him seriously due to knowing him back when, haha.


Yeah but I started doing it again after two workouts and this was a while ago so I’ve been doing them constantly for weeks now

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Dude does have some lower body thickness.


So in a 6 week program, you spent around 85% of the time actually complying with the program, max.

Next time, aim for 100%


Ever consider that it isn’t the program? (I’ve never ran it, so can’t speak to it specifically). But how can you get stronger using ANY program if you can’t get essential aspects of training and recovery in order?


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If is worth noting that you will make more progress training while sleep deprived and in a caloric deficit than not training.

If not training made you big and strong, everyone would be jacked.


This was pretty good advice from @antiquity. Maybe consider the possibility that the program isn’t broken, only your ability to execute it. You’ve highlighted a few issues above. If you fixed these issues, you could get bigger and stronger instead of shouting mindless insults at strangers on the internet.


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I’m really sorry- if I’d known what an asshole the thread creator was, I’d never have referred you or @T3hPwnisher here


No need to apologize, he needs someone to set him straight.

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