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"Are You Strong?"


A “new” article today on T Nation gives the following table to assess strength. How do you do?

Here’s from the article:

For me: (172 lbs, male):

Squat: between decent and good (1.85xBW)
Bench: between good and great (1.75xBW)
DL: Good (2.3xBW)
OHP: between decent and good (145 lbs)
Leg press: don’t know
BO Row: don’t know
Push ups: between good and great (75 reps)
Dips: great (60)
Pull ups: almost great (26)
EZ curl: don’t know
Skull crusher: don’t know
elbow plank: don’t know.


114 lb Female here.

Squat: 1.5 x BW so between good and great
Bench: Great
DL: Great
OHP: Great
Leg Press: Don’t Know
Bent Over Row: Between good and great
Push-ups: Don’t Know
Dips: I NEVER train.
Pull-ups - Great
EZ Bicep Curls: Don’t Know
Skull Crusher: Don’t Know
Elbow Plank: Good

Not to derail this, but if anyone wants to check their ratios to see if they are a balanced lifter, if their lifts are moving in proportion or if one lift is very weak compared to others, this is a fun article. Also, nice for people who also train Front Squats or OLY lifts. You can figure out if your Front Squat is where it should be in comparison to your Back Squat, for example, so you know if you have a form issue.




I usually think not, then I see charts like this and I’m in the good on a few, the decent on a few and I’m like … coool



Even my post is weak


Yes, but it was a hibderance as a bodybuilder.

Additionally anyone who understands the aesthetic goal of the sport should know better than to fall for the countless articles like this.



This might seem like a stupid question, but are there any pro bodybuilders that are not strong? I only ask because it seems to get big you have to have some baseline of strength in order to do that. Like I mean there has to be some baseline of strength right? I can’t imagine any pro bodybuilders only being able to bench 225 or squat 225 for example. I know they won’t have maximal strength the same way a powerlifter would, but I imagine a lot of the pros are strong in their own right.

I don’t know a single thing about bodybuilding so this is why I ask.


No idea what an elbow plank is but I doubt I can do 5 minutes of anything lol




Less than 10 seconds


You heard me the first time…


These are the articles that drive me nuts. Apparently I’m not manly enough because I don’t meet someone else’s arbitrary standards.

20 pull ups is only “good”? I call BS! At my weight doing 20 pull ups is very close to doing 20 strict reps of lat pull downs with the entire stack.

I’ll spare you my feelings about the others and simple physics.


I see your posts a lot that seem to confuse ‘manly’ with ‘strong’. IMO those 2 terms can definitely be mutually exclusive.

I know some of the manliest guys around that would struggle to squat 2 plates or Deadlift 3.

I also know some low scum blokes that are the furtherest from being a true ‘man’ that are moving some serious poundage.

Just my opinion of course but strong does not automatically equal manly.


I’m both manly and strong. And good-looking.



Good point, Irish. Perhaps it’s the jabs these articles take at you if you fail their challenges. Jim Wendler’s version definitely stands out lol


Show off! :rofl: We all know you are GREAT without a chart!


Truthfully better than I expected.
Well, except the skullcrushers. I’ve never tried to go that heavy, cuz… you know skullcrushers :smirk:


True. On something like a row, I can’t activate lats well unless the weight is a lot less. If it’s heavy, it’s all traps and bis. That happens a lot where if you’re lifting for aesthetics, you are better off working at lower weights where you have better MMC for a specific muscle.

Since I do not train primarily for strength, am not a PLer, it’s a little bit fun for me to see that I’m not completely pathetic even though I’ve never done 5/3/1. Lol.

Some of these strength standards by BW do really favor smaller people. I really like to train pull-ups, but of course I weigh half of what some of you guys weigh, so it’s probably not as impressive as it seems to see a chick built like a little gymnast rocking a lot of pull-ups. We often see small men who are good at rock climbing. Same deal. Lots of upper body strength relative to their size.

WHOOT! If you really want to feel awesome, go look at the Kilgore Academy strength standards by age.


Those will really inflate your ego. For someone into competitive PLing, I’m just barely respectable, OK, in my DL and my Squat is pretty sad compared to what really talented PLers can do, but the age standards make me sound like I’m Marisa Inda. Lol.


@antiquity, I thought this was a pretty fun idea for a thread, FWIW.

Thank you, but now I mostly feel like a jerk for playing. I’ll step back out of this forum now and go hang out on the women’s logs, or in PWI where everyone acts like a jerk.


Oh no! I wasn’t trying to be hurtful by any means! You are definitely one of my heros! If it weren’t for you, I still wouldn’t be able to do a pull up!
I truly respect your awesomeness!