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'Are You Planning on Competing Again?'


I constantly get asked if Iâ??m planning on competing again. I say "no." I also might get asked why I maintain my physique the way I do in my â??off-season,â?? or get labeled as a â??gym-ratâ?? and a â??cardio whore.â?? I donâ??t see myself as any of these.

I do not plan on competing again. If I do, it will just be to get that feeling of being on stage again. But, I do not need to prove myself to anyone. I do not need to get a trophy for how I look or my achievements. I would do it for fun, just like Juliana Malacarne.

Juliana is definitely the only IFBB Figure Pro in my opinion who constantly gets overlooked. I love her physique, and I aspire to have a body like hers. I am happy with my body the way it is, and I refuse to change anything about myself to win a trophy. Sure I can make improvements, but to reduce or change something altogether is something I refuse to do.

I train, workout, exercise, eat clean, and enjoy this lifestyle for one person only: ME! No one else but me! I do this all for myself so I can be proud of my own achievements and build my own trophyâ?¦my body! I sculpt, chisel, and use the right tools to get what I want.

Thatâ??s what itâ??s aboutâ?¦what I want and what will make me happy!

Now, of course, there are always people who try and belittle your efforts, or judge me because I look this wayâ?¦there are always those that want to say something negative, and try to bring down my achievements. You know why? Itâ??s because some people are envious that I have the strength, will-power, determination, motivation, and discipline to do this all for me and no one else. I am not gaining anything out of all I do except my own happinessâ?¦.should anything else or anyone else matter? Hell motherf-ing NO!

I am living my life the way I want and I am the happiest Iâ??ve even beenâ?¦and itâ??s unfortunate when others see that, they try and bring you down by making negative comments.

So, I will say this with a quote I love:

â??You have every right to say what you want about me, but that doesnâ??t make it TRUEâ?¦andâ?¦ I have every right not to give a ratâ??s ass about what you say or about YOU.â??

â??Where you see valid achievements or virtue being attacked, it's by someone viewing them as a mirror of their own inadequacy instead of an inspiring beacon for excellence.â??


Cool story bro.

Just kidding. Wise words there, and very nice quads! More pics to be posted in SAMA immediately :wink:


Thx! I have more pics in my profile :slightly_smiling:


Good post.


Want to touch ass and legs plz!


Competing again or not - either way, you look AMAZING!

Seriously, you've always had a great physique, but those new pics are insane - amazing legs and glutes....

Just silly how bricked yet shapely you are....


Do what makes you happy.

End of story.



That's pretty much the way I feel as well. Most people who train never plan on stepping onstage anyway, they simply want to look a certain way. Something as subjective as bodybuilding and figure competitions has to be viewed from a healthy standpoint, or else you'll make yourself crazy trying to measure up to other peoples' standards. Sure I've done a few shows myself, but I'd like to think I have a good outlook on matters,... I use the contest as a motivator, and if I place horribly, big deal, Look what I accomplished with my training and diet. Just by getting into 'contest shape', you did what 99% of the people in gyms across the country can't do (doesn't matter if they want to or not, it's beyond most peoples' discipline levels). Be proud.



Seconding Stu.... Train for you and enjoy your life. You seem to have a great outlook on prioritizing YOU, not other's expectations. Cheers!


Thanks for the replies...though I wasn't asking if I should...I know I am not interested in competing again. I wrote this after attending a BB show and saw how many dissapointed people there were...if it's not for fun and for you then why do it? So, my point was that I do not feel I have to compete to be rewarded for how I look; even more so when I do not agree with the new SOFTER figure standards.


Yes, I like my bricked and shapely look...BUT...that's because I am trying to attain a certain look of what I beleive a perfect FIGURE body is, i.e., Juliana Malacarne. Although, I do not have genetics, I aspire to have a bofy like hers with what G-d blessed me with.


Yeah, I'm usually puzzled at the figure divisions' placings when I go to shows. I think Bodybuilding is fairly easy to understand the criteria, but I could never judge the other categories.



So Lori Braun from female muscle loved my note and posted it on her site and gave me a column...lol