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Are You Overcoming?

Guess what?
2006 is nearly halfway over.

Since January seems to inspire goal-setting in spades, I thought it might be interesting to find out who has stayed committed.

Take a little walk down down memory lane:


Are you overcoming…?

Start of the year i was 140 pounds my goal was to get to 175 before the end of the year i weight 160 right now, yes i know its not much but i am 16 and low bf (thats my excuse anyway :P)

My original post:

[quote]georgeb wrote:

  1. 400 lb squat
  2. 450 lb DL
  3. 315 BP
  4. Weigh 215 at less than 10% BF

By June 2006[/quote]

Squat: 385 (almost here)
DL: 475
BP: 305

Weight: 230 12-13%BF

I’ve been sober for three months and have lost 31 pounds since March 1st.

I’ve been slacking entirely for the year. Not working out regularly, but am keeping up where I was at.

Just not really making much progress.

I’m in Week 7 of Total Body Training (first time through it). Yesterday someone who hadn’t seen me in 2 months noted that my body has changed noticeably in that time. My wife and I just got back from seeing a movie with friends, one of whom said “You’re looking very buff lately.” and explained that she thought so because of my ass. Guess the squatting is really paying off. One week away from turning 47; not bad.

I’d have to say, yeah, I seem to be not wasting 2006, in so far as the gym is concerned.

[quote]JNeves wrote:
-Squat 320
-Bench 260
-deadlift 350

and a lean body weight in the low 150’s


this week

-Squat 265x5 (with a bit more in me)
-bench 230x1 (clean easy rep)
-Deadlift 315
-BW @150

My squat is going well I don’t think I will have any problems with that. Also yesterday was only the second time I’ve deadlifted in '06, once i get my squat close I will focus on my dead and I’m confident 350 will be a breeze

Not entirely. I lost 13 lbs. after I broke my wisdom tooth and got sepsis. That set me back a bit on training and gains.

The past couple of weeks have gotten much better.
As of this week-
Bench- 300 (regained 30 lbs.)
Squat- 375 (regained 40)
Dead- 395 (regained 30)

Goals for the year are still-
Bench- 325
Squat- 425
Dead- 450

Bodyweight is back to 168, and I’d be happy with 180 by the end of 2006.
The past month has gone very well, and those goals may have to be re-set higher.

[quote]doogie wrote:
I’ve been sober for three months and have lost 31 pounds since March 1st.[/quote]

Congratulations on getting yourself into recovery. A friend of mine just hit her one-year mark and her life has improved to an incredible degree since she’s been sober. Way to go on the weight loss as well.

I was supposed to start competing this year…so far I’ve missed two meets…two more that I know of left in the year…I PLAN on making them. :slight_smile:

I’ll pony up:

[quote]Ross Hunt wrote:
By December 31st, 2006

Snatch 220 pounds.
C+J 275.
ATG Squat 315.

At any bodyweight between 175 and 205.

Right now, I have:

Snatch 170
C+J 220.
ATG Squat 255.

At 175-180.

Benchmarks are Snatch 205, C+J 250, Squat 275.[/quote]

OK, so now I have:

Snatch 181.5 [82.5 kilos]
C+J 236.5 [107.5 kilos]
Squat 253x5 [115 kilos]

@ 185-190.

C+j, leg strength, and rack jerk are all moving up nicely, despite a shoulder injury. I rack jerked 120 last week, so I see no reason why I shouldn’t be able to C+j 120-125 by the end of the year.

My snatch is not moving the way it should be, despite a heck of a lot of effort (Yeah, laugh it up…). 100 kilos seems like Never-Never-Land material right now. Still, who knows? Maybe once I break that ‘magic bodyweight snatch barrier’ the PRs will come more quickly.

These increases may look less impressive in light of my increased bodyweight, but at a height of 6’ to 6’ 1", increased bodyweight is only a step in the right direction.

I only did one eight ball last weekend and did lose my shoes.

That could be good gains if your last max was only a teener.