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Are You One of These 12 Gym Types?


This list of types that workout at gyms gave me a chuckle. I think there is one of each at my gym. I'd add a half bread, guy dressed up in military camouflage, that wears tights. It's a frightening sight.


Iâ??ve been working out at various gyms for about 18 years now. Iâ??ve been to high-end health clubs and grubby little basements and everything in between, in at least 40 cities spanning five countries and two cruise ships.
Iâ??ve seen a lot of interesting people in that time.
Most people at various gyms donâ??t fit into any category other than â??regular.â?? There is nothing specifically identifying about them. Theyâ??re just average folks at the gym. Then there are those who do fit into a specific group. Here are the ones that come to mind from my many hours of people-watching while pumping iron:

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