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'Are You on Steroids?!'

anybody ever get sick of hearing people ask “dude, are you on steroids?!”? Especially if you know you’re not THAT big…yet.


a freind of mine just asked me that and I took it as a compliment. And, I’m not that big yet.

[quote]Bwick wrote:
anybody ever get sick of hearing people ask “dude, are you on steroids?!”? Especially if you know you’re not THAT big…yet.[/quote]

What are your stats?

A coworker grabbed my chest and said “dude you’re heooouuuge”.

People I haven’t seen in a while say I look huge.

I’m 5’6’, 160lb, up from 140lb, far far far far far far from anything remotely even close to the word big.

If you have any sort of V shape and are cut people think you are some gigantic beast.

Try being in the army and dealing with all the soldiers asking you that. That’s when your superiors start to ask and then drug test after drug test.

Actually had a friend of mine ask me if I took anything recently.

My friends that don’t workout a lot or regularly think I’m massive. I tend to ignore them.

My buddy who used to be a power lifter and trains MMA now says I’m doing pretty good. Which to me means above average but nothing to get a big head about. I don’t ignore him.


Because it doesn’t happen all that often. Which means I have a LOT of work to do.

i wouldnt mind if i at least looked like i was on steroids.

dudes be comin up to me like, damn you got bigger since last time i saw you…are you on steroids?

somehow i went from getting asked if i was on steroids a lot to getting asked if i play football. only problem with the latter is that i dont know if theyre talking high school, college, pro or pop warner.

I’m not sure why you guys think its cooler to act like you’re annoyed with this question.

I get asked fairly often. But it’s usually by people who know nothing about weight training so I proceed to explain how there are guys out there who don’t use steroids who blow me off the chart. But I never take offense. I take it as a compliment.

i got asked by one guy, it was pretty annoying because I don’t consider myself big by any means. On the same note I really wish my old highsschool friends would stop saying that i got buff. I’d much rather hear something along the lines of ‘nice job man you put on a bit of size keep it up!’ instead of ‘DUDE WOW YOU GOT HELLA BUFF’.

Totally i get asked this all the time and i take off my shirt and pants and POP them with a Double Bi then a Lat Spread and walk away all badass like while they stare in amazement its awesome.

I used to get annoyed when jealous (unfit) guys would tell my girlfriend that they thought I was using steroids (at that point I was not). She would ask me and I would get pissed. Now, I am using steroids. I still would never admit though to anyone but my closest friends.

I think it’s funny. I’m not big either but little people will make jokes about me being on steroids, Im like WTF ever. LOL

friends know I’m not cause they know I’m training to get big enough to deem myself worthy of doing a cycle…otherwise aquantences and strangers I’ll just say yes and they’ll stop asking me questions…take it as a compliment, nothing else…when I go out to places I don’t want to be talking about the gym all the time, so its a quick way too end conversation

Drugs are bad…Mkay

I was back in high school, but only because I was stronger than almost everyone in my school. College made it a little more common, only because then I had a clue about how to eat, so I ended up becoming a more muscular and leaner 225. Either way, I took it as a compliment because I never juiced. I started young with a great coach who knew a good amount back then.

[quote]BantamRunner wrote:
If you have any sort of V shape and are cut people think you are some gigantic beast.[/quote]

And this is because so many other males in this country are wearing the spare tire around the middle. (Not being ethnocentric. Insert nearly any western country and the statement’s still true, unfortunately.) When surrounded by the obese, someone moderately cut looks incredible.

Also, there’s a fundamental myth that steroids are the key to getting cut and in shape. (No time in the gym, no diet will power required). Therefore, the misguided thinking continues, the reverse must be true as well: if you’re cut and in shape, it must be steroids!

If strangers have the balls to approach you and ask this, then you aren’t big enough. And I am serious when I say this.
If your friends ask, who the fuck cares what your friends think.