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Are You Offended By This NFL Team Mascot?


The National Football League Washington Redskin's (based in Washington D.C.) mascot is a Native American Brave.

There are Native American schools that call their teams Redskins.

The term is used affectionately by some natives, similar to the way the N-word is used by some African-Americans.

In a recent poll to ask native people about the subject, 90 percent of respondents did not consider the term offensive, although many question the cultural credentials of the respondents.

A 2013 USA Today poll found widespread support for the redskins name. The poll indicated that 79 percent of Americans believe that the Redskins should keep their name.

What's more offensive the NFL Washington Redskin's Native American Brave Mascot or Dan Pfeiffer, a senior adviser to President Obama tweeting the N word.

Where in the Constitution does it say you have the right to not be offended? Every skin color - culture white, black, red, yellow has derogatory stereotypes about them. I think you can guess most of them.

Activist Suzan Shown Harjo, who has filed a lawsuit seeking to strip the "Redskins" trademark from the football team, said the polls neglected to ask some crucial questions:

"Are you a tribal person? What is your nation? What is your tribe? Would you say you are culturally or socially or politically native?" Harjo asked. Those without such connections cannot represent native opinions, she said.

According to Forbes Magazine, the Redskins are the third most valuable franchise in the NFL, behind the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots, and were valued at approximately $1.6 billion as of 2013.

Do you really think this is about being offended of the mascot or is it winning millions in a lawsuit?

Are you offended?


I honestly don't think this is about money, I think it has more to do with "progressive" crybaby-ism. An attempt to force others to bend to there will.

I look forward to the pendulum swing on this PC bullsyhte. I remember a time when you where looked down upon for sniveling, whining and complaining.

Stop the belly aching America.


I think we should just switch to numbers. I mean the Giants might offend short people. The Patriots might offend everyone else by implying that they are not patriots. The packers might offend homosexuals (and we KNOW how sensitive THEY are). The Bengals, Lions, Bears, Ravens, Panthers, Colts, etc... might offend animal rights activists. The Jets would obviously offend all of our Latino constituants because they would be percieved as "against them" (West Side Story, people!). The Raiders and the VIkings bring some absolutely horrific imagry to mind that I'm sure offends womens groups.

Or maybe people should just shut the fuck up about it and stop being little PC bitches. But this is America, home of the pussified liberal, so they'll probably end up changing the name.


The mascot is extremely offensive to Naive Americans, which are the most protected class in this country.


Isn't that like...almost everybody?


Don't care. This is America get over it.


That is not what the two polls I cited revealed.


Been to your optometrist lately ''conservative dog"?


What he did there, you didn't see it.


Very good.

They aren't called the Washington "Indians suck and they're lazy and drink too much." They're called the Redskins for the same reason the Bengals are called the Bengals--cause bengals are fuckin sweet. If the words offends anybody, they should remember that words are meaningless and incapable of offending. Sentiments offend. And the sentiment here is not offensive.

The whiners do make one point: if they were called the Mississippi Blackskins, or the New York Jews, it would have been changed a long time ago.



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what's a four letter word that guarantees sex? hint: it starts with an "R"


...never mind i finally got it.

...dated an optometrist once but I had to break it off. whenever we were making love she had to keep asking "which is better? this? or this?"


New York Jews? If anything we South Florida jews should have the rights to this and I would nominate this as our mascott and wear the jersey with pride.


HTTR! The concern I have about a name change is it will become something stupid. Washington has the Capitols for hockey, Nationals in baseball. The name will probably be something like the monuments.


They also changed the basketball team from the Bullets to the Wizards due to the negative connotation.


The Legislators......


More race baiting from The Overfiend. "Let's ask a bunch of white people if they are offended by a word that has been used as a racial slur against Indians." That makes a lot of sense. Stick to your Kegel exercises, nanny.


I hope the spelling "mistake" was intentional. If so, very clever.

FWIW, I was born on the Mescalero Reservation. We Apache chose our name and our mascot, which is "The Chiefs" and a big red Apache. I played football for the Chiefs.

Our neighboring town, Ruidoso, which is probably 50% Apache, are "The Warriors" Their mascot is a big red Apache with an rifle, I think.

The richest tribe in the USA is arguably "The Seminoles" who get a chunk of the the proceeds from all the Floirda college wear that uses their name.

I am a Washington Redskins fan, and have been since a little boy. I am a fan because we are constantly inundated with people from Texas, and they are all Dallas Cowboys fans, and the Cowboys suck and hate the Redskins.

In short, I demand the name and mascot remains the same.


Since I'm Irish, do you think Norte Dame will change their mascot?

I'm offended by the stereotype.

They changed the 'Fighting Sioux' didn't they??


The only people offended by this are stupid, paternalistic, white people (and pretend Natives like Senator Liz Warren (D-MA) who faked being Cherokee in order to get affirmative action and an affirmative action professor spot).

Every Apache I know is a Redskins fan.

Stop acting like you know what is better for us "ignorant savages." We can take care of ourselves.