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Are You Lactose/Gluten Intolerant?


I found out recently an intollerance I've had since birth to lactose and gluten has been causing me a myriad of problems. This for me really pissed me off, 90% of my calories were coming from gluten and lactose sources. I have obviously stopped ingesting them now.

So I know these days you can get a lot of gluten and lactose free substitutes for milk, grains etc. Do any of you have any experience with this?

Also, would I be ok to keep using supplements. If not do you know any specialised supplement companies who cater for us lactose / gluten intolerant people. :slight_smile:


I just started (about 3wks ago) the anabolic diet. I stopped taking in any lactose or gluten from monday to friday.

i'm lactose intolerant as well and i think i might have a mild amount of gluten intolerance as well.

so this is working out great for me thus far.

also i don't have to have any shakes in my diet (which has has gluten in there)


Thanks man. Yeah my diet now if I had to give it a name is pretty much the anabolic diet. I feel great cutting out all the crap thats been making me feel rubbish.

If you don't need shakes then I'm not going to bother, at least until I can find one absent of gluten.


I found gluten-free beer. It's called Red Bridge and it's made by AB. The taste makes me think of a bitter version of Bud Light. Not horrible, but not great. Surely the best gluten-free beer I ever had. Ok, it was the only gluten-free beer I ever had.


Lol beer makes me go red as a beetroot.


Some beer does that to me as well. Wine, champagne too.


I'm lactose intolerant, wasn't an issue til about 2 years ago.

I drink lactose free milk now, but my consumption has gone way down.

Just got to work around it, man.


Lactose intolerance is such a non-issue nowadays that it really isn't worth of discussion.

Lactase pills are dirt cheap and lactose-free milk, while the more expensive option, is available pretty much anywhere.


There is more to it than that. Some folks are sensitive to casein.



I am allergic to lactose and peanuts, it really sucks. I cant drink whey or eat protein bars. Luckily I just found a product called sunbutter, it is peanut butter made with sunflower seeds and also no gluten. It is the shit.


My brother has a gluten allergy and he eats a boatload of carbs. I avoid gluten just to show solidarity with him and I feel great.

The Paleo Diet is a wonderful way to avoid most food allergies ("If it doesn't run, swim or fly, or if it's not green--don't eat it" is the basic tenet). You'd avoid both dairy and grains, amongst other things.

Some links of interest:




Also, "Now Foods" sells bodybuilder friendly supplements that are gluten-free: