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Are You Improving This World?


We have some pretty heated discussions on this board and I think they stem from the fact that everyone here really cares about this (or their) country and the world in general. But what are we as individuals actually doing to improve it, specifically when it comes to terror. Has anyone here with a big mouth actually volunteered or started anything?

If you support the war in Iraq did you join the military, send money, food, or music to troops or did you just paste a yellow "support the troops" ribbon on your car.

If you don't think the war in Iraq is helping fight terror, what have you done? Have you volunteered to help your State, Local or National government plan and prepare for attacks. I know 100% that the state of Michigan is looking for volunteers to help with different projects.

So, other than bitching about how bad Micheal Moore/Rush Limbaugh is, what have you done?


guess not?

Kind of makes all of your talk hollow.


Maybe noone feels a need to justify themselves to you.


I give to charities. And do some various volunteer work at different organizations. So, yeah-I think I help improve the world.


And if you look at the number of views this thread has received, you'll realize that the topic hasn't drawn ANY attention to speak of, in comparison with other topics, so maybe people would respond if they were tempted to click on the thread?

But I'm with jsbrook: this very weekend I'm visiting friends in CT, and to one person I'm donating money for her bike ride that raises funds to fight cancer, and taking a lot of school supplies to another group of friends who perform charitable acts--in this case, collecting school supplies for poverty-stricken areas. So yeah, I also feel I'm improving the world within the scope of my abilities and reach.

For the rest, I'll (probably mis)quote Dickens: "I support those institutions you have mentioned with my taxes."

It's a good topic question, actually. Care to lead by example?


I'm not asking for justification, but if you aren't willing to truely back up your cause/beliefs with work then it just seems hollow to me.


That's great!


I work for the office of public health preparedness for the state of michigan. This deals with helping to prepare for terrorist threats involving bio/chemical/radiological weapons or naturally occuring events such epidemics and pandemics.

I also volunteered some time to suicide prevention efforts where I used to live, but I recently moved so I don't know if I will be able to continue that.

I would like to state that I titled this thread differently and it looks like it got summarized. I don't think the real meaning of my thread title comes through with this heading. I was looking to see if people on this board actually supported and worked for their beliefs, or if they were just blowhards.


I donate heavily to the RNC.

Seriously. I was taught at a young age that you don't brag about what you do for others.

I know what I do. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna brag about it on in internet forum just to prove that I walk the walk. It's not for anyone else to judge. I'll get my judgement when I'm done.




I'm teaching my children to love thy neighbor as you love yourself. If everyone did that, we wouldn't be discussing war.


Well, if you raise kids or own a business, you're alrezdy doing plenty.

But not blathering about your charitable efforts like some drunk attention-hound doesn't make you 'hollow' or a 'blowhard'.

As for me:

  1. Habitat for Humanity
  2. Teaching language skills to inner city kids/helping adults get their GED
  3. A number of conservation causes

I am sure everyone here with an opinion does a little something in the world, even if they have the modesty not to drone on about it.


Thunder, I'm truly impressed by the level of help you give. I think that's great.


I agree with you 100%, but you have to admit that some of the people on this site come off as blowhardworthy.

I also didn't start this thread to use as a bragging pedestal, or to look down on people. I was truely interested. I do admit that I may have chosen some of my words wrong.


I'm not really sure what "blowhardworthy" means.

But you did word the question wrong. You basically accused people of being lazy hypocrits.

I take issue with your assumptions. When you call people out with no basis - and armed only with your assumptions - I feel no need to prove you wrong.

Who are you to judge anyway? Is there a litmus test that we have to pass to meet your standard? Get over yourself. Pay attention to what you do, take care of your business - then you won't have enough time to be playing judge and jury.

If you want to know me - come stay with me. Break bread with me. Walk a day in my life. Then maybe your self-righteous prejudices would hold some weight.


There are many ways to improve the world.

Sure, I play an asshole on the Internet and am not always doing things to improve the world, but the answer is...

Yes, I am.


Well, just from your avatar, we see that you use your hand to keep your mouth closed. That's an improvement, I'd say.

(Sorry, couldn't resist...)


Pokie, good one (you bastard)... LOL!


I work for social services with "troubled" adolescents and their families. I also volunteer for walks against child abuse, raise money for the United Way....plus I buy Girl Scout Cookies. :slight_smile:

That being said, your question was about what people are doing to fight terrorism specifically, correct?


Yes. Although I won't go into such vociferousness as my good brother RJ in proclaiming that "bragging ain't cool", I will state that one of the things that I doing right now is am growing my hair long so that I can later chop it all off and donate it for chemo patient wigs. I have good hair.

Who wants a lothario brand(tm) home-grown mullet? :slight_smile:

Couple of more months, and I'll be bald!! For a day or two. I'm like a damn yeti. The stuff grows right back with a vengeance.