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Are you hurt or are you injured?

I was doing singles with squats and deads the other day, something I’ve never done before, and I managed to strain my lower abs. When it initially happened it felt like a burning pain just to the inside of my hip flexors (only hit left side though). Subsequent attempts at the same weight produced same pain. Low weight gives no real pain, or sometimes something minor, almost the same as someone pulling on body hair. Gave it 2 days, tried it again and it was still not great. So, hurt or injured, any thoughts? Thanks.

If you are doing something and its causing you pain then its probably going to be a good idea to stop. :slight_smile:

Give it longer than 2 days. Just work around it. You aren’t going to lose muscle just letting something heal. Give it a break for a couple of weeks and then come back to it… ease back into it. Nothing sucks more than a nagging injury that won’t go away because you won’t let it!!

Good luck.

injured? maybe something minor. more like a strain that needs some rest to sort itself out. how about some ice, a bit of massage, and preworkout stretching? no sense in getting yourself in worse condition lifting heavy when you can go from a minor strain to a major problem.

I’ve had that hair pulling (burning sensation) pain in my lower abs while doing chins. I stop for a while, but I can definitely feel something there.

I just attributed it to my ab muscles being stretched beyond their normal capacity. It also could be the start of a hernia. Take it easy until the pain completely disappears.

Check your PM.

Coach Joe,

I’d be interested to hear what your thoughts are on the hair pulling, burning sensation in the abs.


I don’t know. Last week I was throwing my 4-year-old up in the air as she ran up to me. I felt a pain in my left shoulder. It felt a little better a few days later but it is still nagging me. It feels like it needs to be adjusted to feel better . It is more on the back side of my shoulder. I have been trying to work-out around it.

Could be a loss of good form during the maximal weight movemnet. You say this is the first time you are doing these. Be sure you are nailing the form more than worrying about the weight. The weight will come with time.

Hope this helps. Let it heal then take the maximal training slow.


i get this here and there when doing heavy good mornings. my trainer told me its my illopsa (sp?) and they’re tight.