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Are you guys Fitness Guys or Bodybuilders

First off, this is not a flame, and i will try not to insult anyone, but this is merely my opinion. it seems to me, that so many of you guys are only interested in looking good, having some size, while being cut. whatever happened to being jacked, having 20 inch arms, a 56 inch chest, being able to bench press over 500lbs. taking ur body to the limits, that is what bodybuilder has always been about. its not about being 165lbs and wanting to lose more weight so u can see your abs, lol. i have seen many posts out here by guys that weigh only about 165lbs, yet wanna lose more weight so they can get more lean. i just don’t get it. if someone says, well, “i don’t wanna be that big, i just wanna look good” well, then your not a bodybuilder my friend, your a recreational gym dude, thats it. a bodybuilder by its very nature is not mainstream, bodybuilding has never been about being mainstream. when muscle media first came out, they were about real bodybuilding, get freaky huge and powerful, then they catered more towards the pencil neck mainstream, to make more money. i just hope the guys at test.net don’t go that way, and realize what bodybuilding is about, its not about being a little 160lb ripped guy. at least thats my opinion, and like i said, this was not intended as a flame, though it might be considered one.

Hmmm…could this be BigCuntrag? I think so.

Neither. And I’m not a guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

If being jacked means looking and acting like a swollen meathead who can’t spell “you’re” and using tons of steroids, then no, I’m not a bodybuilder.

By the way, welcome back Bigconan!

actually i don’t think most the t-nation here considers them selves bodybuilders. like you said this site is to help make you feel better about your self and your appearence. if they want to look hyooge then good but if they want to look lean and cut theres nothing wrong with that. personaly i want to be cut but being as tall as i am i need to have some weight too. so thats what i’m focussing on now. personaly you sound like a guy named big conan who the t-nation flamed off the board like a BBQ! so i would watch what you say on here.

hehehe. My thoughts exactly, fellas: Bigconan is attempting a “come back”.

I think bodybuilders are fags.

i guess there is somthing wrong with being ripped @ 165lbs. and looking good nekkid?

Oh, sorry for not answering your question. I’m not sure which one I am, but DocT said something about being a fitness bunny trapped in a guy’s body. Not quite sure what that means.

And if you recall, which I doubt, considering your previously displayed lack of higher brain function, irondoc was the pioneer of modern bodybuilding, so you might wish to pose the question to him. Also any questions about Chia pets. He invented those too.

I missed him so much…

Whatever happened to it? Well, for one thing, people in general realize that the pro-look size is accompanied with boatloads of drugs (and their equally boatload sized side effects), and don’t want to go through that. What good is being a good-looking corpse?

Second, while looking HYOOOGE can be an admirable goal, performance is a key to a lot of people. You have a lot of athletes on this board who are looking not for 20 inch guns, but to improve a 40 yd dash time, or get that extra 3 inches in vertical jump.

Read TC’s “Physique Schizophrenia” (http://www.testosterone.net/nation_articles/239tc.jsp)

-or- Shugart’s “Bodybuilding is Dead” (http://www.testosterone.net/nation_previous/03.html)

Some of you have committed a critical error of actually reasoning with this lower life form. Shame on you.

Let’s see your “24 inch pythons” and no I’m not talking about your legs.

Jared, you left of the part that I’m a LESBIAN fitness bunny trapped in a guy’s body.

Mmmm…lesbian fitness bunnies.

DocT, apparently my comprehension abilities took a nosedive when I heard the words “lesbian fitness bunnies”. You can’t blame me.

Just because he wants to be huge doesn’t make the guy a d-bag, and the difference he points out between being a bodybuilder and a fitness guy/girl does make a point. Brider, you hit the nail on the head, if you’re looking for hardcore guys on this forum then you’re better off trying to build a repoire with the guys here who take drugs. BTW why does everyone always bring up the spelling thing, are you all that anal that you proof read every post you send? Hey hulk I’m looking for someone to critique my cycle so seeing that you probably have some exp. in that department feel free, it’s on the roid forum.

Nice one Goldberg, very p.c. LOL!

I’m with you guys…as soon as I saw the JACKEDHULK name…I knew it must be BigConan…haha. Welcome back buddy.

“if you’re looking for hardcore guys on this forum then you’re better off trying to build a repoire with the guys here who take drugs.”

How does sticking a needle in one’s ass (or other bodyparts) make one “hardcore”?

Is a 165lb MMA fighter, who gets into the cage, and can only bench 200, less hardcore than a 250 guy who, benches 500, gets up on a stage, oiled up, and in a bikini brief?

Gimme a break.

Wideguy - Yes, I do check over my posts for major errors. Why? Because most people will assume you’re dumb or lazy if you make a lot of mistakes. I’m neither.

If you’re also neither, then you’d be wise to use that preview button and give all posts a once-over.