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Are You Going To Finish Strong?


I apologize if this link was recently posted, but possibly it would be worth repeating.




good post. It's seeing something like that that really makes you realize that all of your petty problems are nothing compared to what some others face.


really good post. I had a motorcycle accident in 05' and lost use of my R arm. I am uaually a happy, up beat dude but after learning about that guy, I felt a deep tug at the heart in my chest. Things can ALWAYS be worse! Live everyday like it's your last and stop crying. Good post/video :slightly_smiling:


That's how you spell COURAGE!

This is a woman who lost her arms. In an eletrical accident when she was a little girl. Some people simply refuse to go down without a fight.



This dude is a real inspriation for me. He leads a happier and more fulfilling life then probably 90% of the population.

I've seen videos of him swimming, driving a boat, shaving and brushing his teeth. He is pretty fucking amazing.

It's all about what you have and being gratful for it, not what you don't have.


Thats pretty fucking cool in all fairness.

If you apply it the gym, you see people coming on here saying they are hard gainers and just CANT put on weight.... do what he says TRY HARDER....... lose weight.......TRY HARDER.

Damn good.



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