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Are You Fast or Slow?


Two classic examples of the polar opposites.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHI3ijRNpME (it took him one second to finish the lift)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GaZXCdVdpc (seven seconds to the lockout)

Whenever I do overhead presses, from the bottom to 3/4ths of the way to the top, it's crazy fast, but when it passes there, I "Konstantinovs" my way to the lift.




Meat probably took 1-2 seconds to complete his lift, and Konstantinovs took about 3 seconds, not 7.

Meat probably had another 5-10lbs in him on that day if he decided to grind it out, and it probably would have taken as long as Konstantinovs. Konstantinovs was closer to a limit lift.

They aren't polar opposites. One was closer to a true max than the other. Comparing the same lift would probably be beneficial as well.


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Polar opposites? Completely different lifts and poundages, how can you even compare these? And that wasn't a 7 second deadlift...maybe 3 at most. Please don't use Konstantinovs name in the the same sentence as "my".


Seems like the speed has everything to do with how difficult the lift is relatively for each lifter. I'm sure everybody would like to finish a max attempt as quickly as possible.


Probably a better comparison.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tOxtGCrx4s (compare this to Konstantinovs' deadlift)

You can't say that Magnusson didn't go "all out". It was his max. Some people are naturally fast lifters while others are great in "grinding out". It's not just a matter of the load itself. Most of the dudes in my high school weightroom are excruciatingly slow, as in Konstantinovs slow... It makes me wonder how in the world they could actually rep out 5 reps even though the first rep looked as if they were maxing out.


Yes sir. I apologize for that.


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Do you guys noticed how it takes about the same amount of time for him to start accelerating the weight up compared to the actual time where the bar is accelerating?


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OP is OCD..... just chill out man... stop asking retarded questions and making stupid threads.... and do something with your life


So you're username is Type2B and you always post this sort of bullshit.

We get it you don't like endurance activities, now get in the friggen gym because you don't get strong bragging about your favorable fiber composition on the internet all day.


I really apologize if it seemed like I was bragging... And no, I don't have anything to brag about. Everybody in here, such as Modi and Maraudermeat are very strong mofos and I can never be as strong as they are. I really respect those guys.


That's just the attitude that will never get you anywhere in life. Never resign to the fact that you can never be as good as someone else, with your current attitude and training habits I'm sure you would have trouble, but if you start thinking a little more and putting it together in the gym then your goals might start to come to fruition.

Shut up, read more, think before you speak and spend an hour less on here a day and an hour more in the gym a day...you might be surprised.


Reading these threads makes me think you don't lift much at all. Or at least you don't lift with any kind of purpose. You can't tell the difference between an absolute 1RM and a submaximal lift?

BTW, all of those lifts are damned impressive. Meat looked like he had at least 20 more in the tank that day.


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i'm just suprised that any of my lifts would be compared to Konstantinov's. that guy was born to be a powerlifter. I"m just a guy with average genetics with a decent work ethic.

on the topic of bar speed. i constantly train to be faster so that when i do attempt a max attempt, hopefully momentum will take me through my sticking points. i do my best to always move fast, not just when doing my speed work. i think some people miss that in their training. they may do speed work but they only consciously move fast when doing it. i make all my warmup sets compareable to speed sets.

obviously, though, when attempting a true max attempt bar speed and form do break down.


Some people can bench press 315 pounds within 2 seconds, and yet, they can't even budge 320... It really varies from lifter to lifter. I understand that there max attempts are naturally slow, but people are different. Why do you think Simmons popularized the "dynamic effort method"?

And as I said before, some guys lift their first rep in their five rep maxes like it's a max attempt, while others lift their one rep maxes as if they were doing their DE workout. Check out Kennelly's bench: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7NRwF9KWIY

It took him less than one second to skyrocket that thing up and yet, he failed at his 1100 pound bench press attempt. It takes me two seconds to finish a lift with my 5RM front squat, he on the other hand takes him 1 second to lift his absolute max with the bench press. He is a "hit or miss" type of guy while Rychlak on the other hand (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7NRwF9KWIY) can grind out more than Kennelly.

It really has alot to do with the "neural drive" that would take a long paragraph for me to explain to you guys.


The reason they're hit or miss pretty much solely depends on how/if they hit the groove in their shirt. But you're a moron so I wouldn't expect you to know that.


I'm not just referring to the bench press. I'm talking about almost ANY lift.