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Are You Eating Enough?

I’m a reasonable size(so I’m told),not from a powerlifting or bodybuilding point of view,but enough that people have always commented.

This year I set myself some targets inspired by John Berardi:-

1)(most important)Get bodyfat down to below 12%.

2)2x bodyweight deadlift(easy managed it in 2 months).

3)Bodyweight shoulder press(shoulder problems have scuppered that for now,but I had managed 73.5kg so only about 5kg to go when arm-wrestling blew it!).

4)After achieving sub 12% BF try to add some lean tissue,target to reach a lean 90kg.

All was going well until the end of March,had dropped about 5kgs of fat and BF% was about 14%.Then it all stopped.

I had been following a diet which gave me about 2000 cals(I realise this is low so don’t flame too much),so I really didn’t have anywhere to go as regards cutting back on cals.Was following a cycled carb diet as per one I read about last year at avantlabs.com and incorporating nutrient timing strategies as per L. Lowery. I decided to ramp up the amount of carbs I was eating to increase my G-Flux as per Dr. Berardi’s article.I started to lose again on an extra 500 carb calories for b’fast.It lasted a month.I’m stuck at 13%.

I thought about going back to reducing cals again but that wouldn’t leave me with anywhere to go yet again so I binned that idea went back to the archives here.I calculated what my caloric needs were as a hard training moderately active 79kg’er and it comes out at over 3500 cals!Now,that might not sound a lot to some of you guys,but when you realise that I had problems getting 2000 clean calories into my face on my high protein /low carb day before,you might begin to see my problem.Also living in Japan suppliments are horrendously expensive,as is meat(Tofu is cheap though…only joking wouldn’t touch the shit with a bargepole(though stopping my Japanese wife feeding it to my son is a nightmare,slagging their food off here is like pissing on the Stars and Stripes,they don’t like it!).

So…I have to elevate my metabolic rate over the course of a month or so and then start again with a deal of leeway.Any tips anyone has would be appreciated especially with regard to cheap ways of scoffing protein.

i too, am in the japan. don’t really know much about what you’re asking, but here’s a few tips. tuna is super cheap if you go to the right supermarket. the ones in the malls, like Itoyokado or Seiyu have a supermarket on the bottom floor. they usually carry a brand of tuna that’s about 300-350yen for 4 cans. two cans together and you get 30gm of protein for about 150yen. Read the label carefully and make sure it’s the “light” kind. regular j-tuna has more fat than protein. chicken breasts can be found for 45yen per 100gm, that’s about 150-200yen per breast. at closing time they’re 20-50% cheaper.

I am also intrigued by the question. If you have been stuck at that bodyfat then the question is either in the calories consumed or the combination of foods.

Ever since the weather warmed-up I have been loosing bodyfat like crazy simply by riding my bycycle to/from univiersity to eat or just to hang around.

Living in Japan for me has been an experience in food choices. Be very careful of the rice you eat (if any) an other carbohydrate sources. The Japanese taste is extremely sensitive to sweets so they do add some to the rice and bread.

I am not sure where you live in Japan, but if near Kyushu area there are several food holes called ???and they carry the chicken for 39yen the 100grams. They also carry some cheap beef (below 100 yens per 100grams), but I do not recommend it since it is predominantly lower bottom of the cow thus having more fat than protein.


I live in Japan too and have no problems eating enough. Tuna is indeed cheap, got 4 cans for about 280y today, the in water type by Inaba brand.

Another cheap protein source I’ve found is egg whites. They don’t sell non-fat cottage cheese or boxed egg whites in Japan, so I just buy large eggs and separate them myself. Yes it takes more time but it’s cheap and you can add all sorts of stuff to eggs, like soy sauce/splenda or curry powder or good ole cheese.

I had the same problem as you with my metabolism crashing. It took awhile to fix it but it is possible…about a 200cal increase per week until you start gaining weight. For example I was maintaining on 2400cal/day and now I’m finally gaining on 3600/3400 a day, so that’d put maintenance at around 32-3300 I guess.

If you can do a 2XBW deadlift, you’re much farther than me, I’d be happy to get any advice from you too.

you can actually get low-fat cottage cheese now. it’s in most grocery stores. if it’s in the grocery store nearest to my place, then it’s pretty much everywhere in japan. i live on top of a mountain, the store is beside the ocean and a highway.

the brand is from hokkaido. the higher fat cheese is in the red stripped container, the low-fat in the blue one. it tastes ok, but the texture is terrible. and it costs 250-300yen a serving.

your local grocery store will have a special day each week for different types of food. milk will go down by about 30-40%, eggs will go from 180yen to 100yen for 10, meat (well, chicken) will go down by 20-30yen/100g - significant savings, often it’s thursdays for some reason. on top of that, in the evening the meats will go on sale towards closing time.

also, maybe one day a month the prices of meats will drop by about half. not all stores do this, but my local in Osaka did. pork loin was 60yen/100g (compared to 200yen/100g normally), beef was half price. check out a few stores in your area.

those are my main tricks, eggs, milk, tuna, chicken, all bought on sale on special days, and occassionally cottage cheese. it takes a bit of strategery to get to the stores at the right time, but you can save alot of money that way. and you get used to it, making it part of your routine…thursday is meat day.

whale is cheap too. guess there wasn’t as many “science” projects for them to do, so they’ve been selling it super cheap, actually giving it away sometimes.

I know about the yukijirushi brand cottage cheese, but looking at the package, the nutrition information is exactly the same for the red or blue container. It’s a bit expensive too. But sometimes I get it. I wish there were nonfat cottage cheese, it was so easy to find in the USA.

I live in a place with many grocery stores, it took awhile to learn but now I know which has the cheapest beef, which has the cheapest chicken, which has the cheapest vegetables etc. and what days of the week. Meat is often on special on the 29th of any month [niku no hi 2=ni 9=ku]. What do you have in your area? I have an ito yokado, daiei, seiyuu, maruetsu, iida and some small local places too.

I’ve only ever seen the tinned whale,how much does it cost and where do you get it?

Won’t buy it anyway,tried it once and that was it my conscience still hurts.Pansy I know but you have to draw the line somewhere.