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Are You Doing WSB4SB During Onseason?



I want to know, if you do WSB4SB during your onseason.

Which sport are you doing (Football, Basketball,...)?
Are you doing the whole 4 day Template?
Did you change anything to fit better with your sport?
Or do you use the onseason template?
A basic overview of your week would be interesting!

I hope you can give some interesting information :slight_smile:


When I was playing rugby I near enough copied DeFrancos in-season template which is on his website, take a look.

American football will be like rugby was for me, too tough on the body to be training 4 days a week.


I am using the 3-day template

i could use the DE lower body but with all the training i have enough jumps as it is. so i am using something more like the WS4SB part 2 program. and then i just adjust is. so normally i have

Monday - Early: ME Upper body // Late: Practice
Tuesday - Early ME Lower Body // Late: Practice
Wednesday - off
Thursday - Early Rep Upper body // Late practice
Friday: off
Sat/Sun: Game one day other day off.

and then i make sure not to lay arround on the couch if i have both thursday and friday off..

but sometimes i have games in the middle of the week too then i will just do the workout sunday(if my game is on saturday) or else i will do the thursday workout monday and see if i get to a point where i can catch up..


How can you train so often two times a day?
Are you still going to school?


yes im still going to school..

its not that bad.. i meet at 8:10 in the morning then we are in school till 14:50

and then i go traing at 15:10 after having a shake or something. i get back at 16:50.. eat some more.. then i go to practice at 19:30 to 21:30...

i find it goes better with my social life than training weights when i have my off days..


I might as well share.

Monday: ME Upper
Tuesday: HIIT
Wednesday: Basketball/OFF
Thursday: RE Upper
Friday: HIIT
Saturday: ME Lower/Gametime
Sunday: OFF

Now this is the basic setup, I often change things around depending on how I feel. For example if there's a game on saturday I do ME Lower on sunday instead.

Now I know that I don't train my sport nearly as much as others do, the reason being that the team I'm playing with isn't that serious to begin with. I do it more because I enjoy the competitive side of it, not to mention that it's a great workout.

As for recovery, as long as my diet and sleep time is sufficient, it's no problem.

If you care to know about anything else (stats/my setup/whatever), feel free to ask.


I'm currently using WS4SB during my college volleyball season. I'm using the older 3x/week template, and my week goes something like this:

Monday: ME upper, practice
Tuesday: practice
Wednesday: ME lower
Thursday: RE upper, practice
Friday: game
Saturday: game
Sunday: off

Practices run on the above nights from 6:30-8:30 at night, so I try to get into the gym as early as I possibly can. It's pretty tough with volleyball and training on top of my engineering program, but definitely managable. Can't wait for the season to end though so I can up the volume and frequency.


I used wsbfsb 3 without the ME Lower day during winter offseason (about 4 weeks).

Next week our preperation will begin for about 4 weeks for onseason (soccer).

I think I'm going to use the onseason template on every off-day, but I'm not sure.

I'm not sure what will be better for my body and my soccer skills...doing the basic wsbfsb3 template without ME Lower (how I did the last 4 weeks) or the onseason plan...

I hope you can give more examples of your training. Its very interesting to read :slight_smile:


well what about telling us how many times a week you train and what your lifts are ?


Onseason we train tue, thur, fri and sunday match.

During preperation I will know it on tuesday.

This is the plan i used during offseason:

ME upper:

A max bench 3rep 220lb
B bd bench 2sets max reps 38lb (17/16)
C DB Rows 3sets 10reps 88lb
D DB seated powercleans 2sets 10reps 22lb
E barbell shrugs 3sets 10reps 225lb
F DB hammercurls 3sets 10reps 38lb

Dynamic lower:

A depth jumps from box onto box 8sets 3reps
B Box Squat w/ bands 6sets 2reps 209lb (explosiv reps)
C Bulgarian split squats front foot elevated 2sets 10reps 66lb
D back bridge with leg curls on swiss ball 3sets 10reps
E weighted swiss ball crunches 3sets 10reps 33lb

Rep upper:

A benchpress 2sets max reps 132lb (21/15))
B chin ups 3sets 10reps (10/5/5)
C DB seated powercleans 2sets 10reps 22lb
D DB lateral raises 4sets 10reps 16lb
E barbell shrugs 3sets 10reps 231lb
F DB curls 3sets 10reps 22lb