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Are You A...?


Some of my friends have let me know lately that I've become a "bro". I lift weights all the time now, and according to them "work on my bis bro". I don't know what to think of this.

I've gotten really into lifting and gotten a lot bigger and stronger, and I'm in a frat they aren't in. Really I think they're jealous fucks, but maybe they got a point. Maybe I am a bro.

What's bad with that?

I'm a friendly dude, I love lifting, I love my frat and my boys and of course the ladies =) Does this make me a "bro"? If it does, then that ain't so bad. What it doesn't make me, is an asshole, or a jackass, or dumb, or a guy who stands around in the gym doing curls all day, and that's what my friend seems to be implying. And that shit pisses me off.

I don't know how I am going to continue to be friends with some of these people anymore.

Are You a Bro?


nah bro


cool story bra


Do T men wear ankle socks?


haha, I don't blame those responses

what pisses me off is being stereotyped as some sort of moron who stands around doing curls and doesn't know shit about the world... just because I'm serious about lifting. That ain't right, and I hate the negativity towards people who take control of their lives and do what they enjoy.


Is this you?


damn man

that's not cool bro! lol

That description kinds of bothers me. Who doesn't play ultimate frisbee and watch family guy? Family guy and Ultimate Frisbee are AWESOME! Wearing sandals and baseball caps- yeah sure, I do that sometimes. LOL, W/E. They are quality pieces of clothing. and yeah I'm 20. Isn't that most of us?

that vid is hilarious. It's no Family Guy =)

Dave Matthews Band is awesome too!


a bro is basically a guy's guy


It's called Tall poppy syndrome. Average people love bringing others back down to their level when they see them start to do something with their lives. You shouldn't care what others think because you do it for yourself.

I remember my friend asking me why I wasted my time doing squats and deadlifts when all I needed to train was chest and biceps because thats what the girls want...righto

get new friends


Sandals are never a good idea


Hey actionjeff, your friend wrote an article about you in The Onion.


post a pic on www.hotchickswithdouchebags.com

then you will be a true bro


i say bro. i bought jager and redbull so i could make my own jagerbombs tonight. but i dress like a skateboarder... or so ive been told. i am what i am, and thats me. people can say what they want but fuck getting caught up in a persona stereotype just do you man.


Lol - Nice find bro.


refrain from any collar poppage, and you should be okay.


Don't listen to the haters brohan.


Some people just don't get the whole lifting thing. Most of your friends will come and go. The ones that stick around won't give a shit about what you do in the gym or better - they'll respect you for it.

Or maybe you're just turning turning into a toal d-bag. Haha kidding. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, bro.


LOl. "Bromaldehyde"


Yep. You're definitely a bro, brother.


Jeff don't worry, you've played way too much modo to ever be a bro. =]