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Are You A Vegetarian?


Do you not eat meat for moral/ethical reasons? If so there is very good chance that your actions can be considered hyppocritical.




I don't eat anything that doesn't contain meat.


I'll eat anything that doesnt eat me first.


For every animal you don't eat, I'll eat three.


I'm a vegetarian by proxy. I only eat things that eat vegetables.


Vegetarians are great, the less meat they eat, the more I can eat to keep everything in balance.


Fuckin meatheads. I know everyone that posts on this forum eats meat! That's why I posted this sweet article that shows how stupid vegetarianism really is. When I read it I was shocked at the pure genius of it.

BTW, Conor my name is also Conor. Spelled with one "n", I noticed there is a third somewhere around here.

Also to the guy that said he will eat 3 animals or whatever... I got this article from your boy Maddox!


Not going to deny the fact that Maddox said it. He's right though, meat is excellent for you. It's ookay benig a vegetarian, just don't go running up to me and try to convert me.


""It's ookay benig a vegetarian,""

Not if you are trying to kill less animals! Dude you gotta check out this article, it was part of Maddox's rebuttal to PETA and it's frickin genius.


My story:

I was a vegetarian for about a year, due to ethical reasons. I figured if I could survive on a plant diet, it would cause less pain in the world.

Then I realized how stupid it was that I was eating dairy and eggs, when those animals suffer in confinement just as much (or even more) than those who are killed for meat. What's the real suffering anyways, a violent death or a life of violence?

Not only that, but male cattle are sent to become veal, while the milk meant for them is drank by vegetarians. Same with male chicks, who don't lay eggs, they're victims of infanticide. So just as much slaughter then occurs for someone who eats dairy and eggs everyday, aka the healthy vegetarian.

With that, I became vegan. That lasted for about a month, until I read http://www.beyondveg.com/ and realized my health was in jeopardy from a vegan diet.

So what to do? I didn't want animals to live as slaves, abused and slaughtered without ever really living. So I opted for wild animals.

Hell, even humans are domesticated animals. Only a wild animal has a real chance to live life naturally. Live natural, truly free, and die swiftly is something I'm not ever going to have, as a product of civilization. The best I could hope for in that equation is the swift death. So I ate only wild fish for a few months.

Then I decided that it was the factory farming that is truly inhumane (and insane). Feeding corn to cattle, that's fucked up - feeding meat to cattle, that's an abomination!

But pasture-raised animals have a life a lot like mine. I can wander, but not too far. If I can live like this, so can my food. People who are truly slaves to culture, non-self actualized, pig-brained fools - they are to me like cattle forced to eat meat. They don't know any better. Funny, that's exactly what they're eating, the abominations...

Myself - I now eat traditionally raised animals (pastured, grass-fed where applicable) and wild animals. When I go shopping, it's at the food co-op, which features locally raised animals and produce. When I go to the restaurant, I get some wild-harvested fish.

I figure then none of these animals has a life much worse than mine; the stimulus provided being relative to brain power. And so I find that what's best for our food, is best for us too (good fats, no exogenous hormones, no antibiotics, no GM feed).


""I now eat traditionally raised animals (pastured, grass-fed where applicable) and wild animals.""

Interestingly, this is exactly what the writer of the article suggests if one wants to "harm" less animals.


I look forward every year to deer season.. i usually take at least 1 doe and hopefully 1 buck..
I love to hunt and dont care what PETA thinks about that..

but what i love most is it's one of the highest protien meats out there and it's very very lean..

if you go to your market farm raised venison is very expensive to purchase..

i'd sugest making friends with a hunter and offer to pay half of the processing.. he'll be more than happy to do the hunting for you and you'll get a ton of protien rich meat for cheap..


Back in Ashland, WI a couple of guys from the college were known for eating deer they hit with their car. Just strap that baby on top and you got a years supply of jerky.


I grew up in BFE and we always had a lot of chickens. Farm fresh eggs are FAR better than than store bought.


Many of the animals we raise for meat have been domestiacted to such a degree that their ability to survive in the wild is of doubtful. Even if they could survive, and we decided to set free every single piece of livestock in the world, this would wreak havok on the ecosytem, as these billions and billions of animals began to compete with all the wild critters out their. Logic would dictate, then, that for these species to continue, mankind's stewardship over them must likewise continue. So the next time you sink your teeth into a burger, chew proudly. Without your love of beef, the cow might just go extinct. (Except in india, where they worship the things.)


That article is hardly genious. I love when someone finds an article by chance, and they think they have found some gem that the people who have researched the topic for half their lives managed to miss. That paper ignored many reasons why people have moral issues with eating meat. Like the amount of the grain we use to feed cattle could feed much of the world. Factory farms produce an assload of pollution.

Not to mention all the brutality that is involved. If you can see some factory farm worker pick up a pig and beat it against the cement to kill it, then go eat some sausage, you're a sick fuck. And seriously, if you say that if I have a vegetarian diet and add free range meat to it that I will save more lives, youre an idiot. I love meat, and I miss it, but until I read an article that doesnt use hypothetical situations to prove everything, I am going to keep doing what I'm doing.

Most people in america dont have the balls to kill something and gut it. So why should they get to eat a ton of it and be fatasses?

YES I am a vegetarian, and I'm probably bigger and stronger and leaner than half the people on this board. So how about you meatheads leave the vegetarians alone. At least they are trying to make a difference. What are you doing besides trying to get your traps to touch your ears?


NO I'm not a vegetarian, and while I'm not bigger, stronger and leaner than most of the people on this board (who actually lift) I'll get there eventually, and I'll have an easier time at it than you and the other non-meat eaters. So how about you people who are afraid of meat leave us disenfranchised, underrepresented, constantly picked on, meat-lovers alone. At least we are content to sit on our asses and not try to change the status-quo.

Now excuse me while I go do some curls in the squat rack.


You'll come around, they always do.

You can eat wild fish to avoid the brutality and pollution.

How about grass-fed beef?

There ARE farmers out there that raise and treat animals ethically. Just search for it.


There's even a humane certification now, to make finding those foods easier:


""And seriously, if you say that if I have a vegetarian diet and add free range meat to it that I will save more lives, youre an idiot.""

Play games with yourself all you want, the fact is is that only one grass-fed freerange cow dies for thousands of grams of protein compared to the thousands of birds, mice etc... that die when the harvesters runs them over and grinds them up for tofu. Talk about brutal. There is nothing hypothetical about it, your diet is harmful to animals, whereas a meat eater can harm one animal and get far more calories per dead animal. Think of that way.

Your argument also ignores the fact that the article NEVER reccomends factory or grain-fed meat as a source of food. I don't think anyone else that posted on this thread did either, with MAYBE one exception. If vegetarians weren't so damn sanctimonious maybe the meatheads would "stop picking on the poor little vegetarians."

And to any vegetarians that don't give a shit about this article and don't like to eat meat, more power to you!