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Are You a Strongman?


When a car is stuck in the snow and you offer to help get the car out of the ditch by hooking on to it with a pulling harness....you might be a strongman

If you run out of gas in your car and tell others who stop to help you push it that you'd rather do it alone.....You might be a strongman

If you would rather carry your bags of concrete mix than use a wheelbarrow.....You might be a strongman

You tell your wife you are going out to buy tires, but when you get home, you only have one tire, and it is 5 feet tall and weights 700 lbs. You might be a strongman...

If in the airport it ever crossed your mind of you and your buddy can move that B747...you might be a strongman

If you get offended when your wife tries to buy a jack for your car to change tires...you might be a strongman

If you laugh histerically when asked what weight class you are in...you might be a strongman

If when watching William Wallice's torture in "Brave Heart" you scream at him:"come on pull back those are just 2 horses"!!!..you might be a strongman

As you drive you check out earthmoving equipment and say, "Yeah, I can flip those tires." You might be a strongman...

If you think santa's a sissy because he uses 8 reindeer to pull one sled....you might be a strongman

If you can't stand watching rock quarries breaking down perfectly good boulders into gravel. You might be a strongman.

If you look for an old chevy engine to drag not rebuild, you might be a strongman.

If you park a block away from your house on grocery day...you might be a strong man

If you can carry $300 worth of groceries in 2 trips you might be a strongman.

If you "tacky up" before picking the kids up, you might be a strongman.

If you wear 2 belts when you lift, you might be a strongman.

If you think chalk has magical/mystical powers you might be a powerlifter, or a strongman.

You keep 120 dumbells in your SUV and do farmers walk at lunch...you might be a strongman

You have heavier dumbells at your house than any local gym....might be a strongman...

If your butt resembles a pin cushion...you might be a strongman


I don't get it


that's hilarious!


I actually do this even though im not a strongman- funny stuff


got it from another poster on this forum (chtdrmn) funny shit.

Another thing that I could add that happened tonight at the gym.

Backstory- I usually train with my headphones on blaring some music that has very hateful and angry lyrics. Well I'm about to leave but before I take off my headphones, I look up to the television monitors overhead by the aerobic machines (where I hang my gym bag).

There is a MASSIVE pumpkin, with large words beneath it that say "PUMPKIN ON STERIODS".

Now my mind instantly puts together that, apparently someone's synergized AAS and agriculture and by ingesting said pumpkin and other vegetables, I'll be gaining an anabolic advantage!

I rip off my mp3 player to hear more!


no, its just big... he uses miracle gro or some shit. Disappointed i tip over the recumbant bike and walk away. Leaving a bewildered old man in biker shorts pedaling away vigorously several bikes down the row. Unbeknownst [not a word] to him I just set off the mother of all aerobic dominoes.



Speaking of pumpkings (and this is way off base), my father told me that he recently read something about if you can grow a pumpkin that is 1000 pounds or 1500 pounds (forgot which one), the people at the University (for studing reasons or something) will give you $100,000 :slightly_smiling: I'm not sure if that is just for Minneasota or every state. Pretty interesting, if you ask me.


Yeah this is all well and good, but the whole pushing the car thing...well think other wise.

Flashack 10+ years ago....snowy night, i happened to drive my car into a big ditch...what did i do, i got out, started to push the car up the ditch...had it out half way, and then realized that i had just knocked the axle off its hinges and now had to get it towed and fixed.

Sometimes it is better off letting the tow truck handle your problems.

Now my car is much bigger and so am i, but the tow truck will be called if this happens again.



If you use your hand to kickstart a dirt bike, because you can...

If you have bar scars on your back from squatting, or your shins from deadlifting...

If you always volunteer to help your buddies move, because you like lifting heavy stuff..

If your wife irons your bench shirt..

If you talk to your weights in a reverent tone....


Gear my man, gear.