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Are You a Natural Athlete or a Convert?


Have you always been athletic (played sports as a kid, etc.)?

Or did you discover your physical side later in life?

Just curious, because I fall into the second group and am guessing I'm in the minority. It wasn't until my 20s that I did any kind of physical sport. After seven years of working out, it has become so second nature that it's hard to remember what my life used to be like. I love hitting the gym, and plan to do it the rest of my life. Just wish I had seen the light at a younger age.


I started lifting at 25 because I was unhappy with myself physically, I was having some odd issues in my life and needed to blow off some steam several times a week and I've been hooked since. I cant stand not lifting...


I'm the furthest thing from being an athlete. In fact, I'm pretty much a spaz, which upsets both of my brothers who were captains of every varsity team in school, because as we've aged, I LOOK the most like an athlete -lol.

I got into bodybuilding because of my artwork. I always kinda viewed my training as sculpting, and for someone who grew up reading superhero comics, and teaching drawing anatomy classes,.. well, it just made perfect sense.



I've always kept active and played sports my whole life. I'd like to think of myself as very athletic. I just wish I got into weightlifting earlier on.


I always played sports, but I was awful at them until high school when i became a gym rat. I always excelled more in theater and writing up until that point. Eventually I was doing both, started in a state playoff game and starred in the fall play on the same Saturday one year.

That was a long ass day.


Nope, throughout childhood and the early teen years I was an obese couch potato that could barely lift a milk jug.

Glad I got bit by the iron bug :slight_smile:


Lol, I've found the same thing. It's like I've switched places with most of the guys that were jocks in high school. At the time, I never would have guessed that bodybuilding would be a passion...and the jocks never would have guessed they would be stuffing their beer bellies into size 40 pants.


I am a natural athlete but not a skilled one. I could run pretty fast and jump high. But my technique sucked so I didn't do that great on the jumping events during track meets in high school. I also played high school b-ball but wasn't that great since I started late and was 6' tall and 150 lbs as a power forward. So I guess I was athletic but not skillful.

I still consider myself athletic as I play b-ball once a week and can still jump up and hang on the rim with both hands. Not bad for a 6' 220 lb 33 y/o white guy. If I dropped 25 lbs I could probably dunk again.


i played hockey since i was 7 and ended up playing at a pretty elite level ive always loved playing sports all my life and will do so until i die however weightlifting has become my favourite thing to do now


Weightlifting has also surpassed my other activities/sports and become my favorite.


i was a huge doushe in highschool and had problems tieing my shoe and wiping my ass. i also weighed about 155lbs, as well as had a lvl 62 paladin with a three socketed sword with a perfect ruby, diamond, and skull.

thank god i was sent to a private military school, lol.


I'm apt to agree with this, though there are plenty of exceptions.

I spent my early highschool years on the golf team and playing JV basketball. Later in highschool I became a huge stoner who subsisted on Taco bell, breakfast cereal, and Mountain Dew.

My freshmen year of college I was fat, out of shape, and drugs had lost their appeal.

I ran off all the weight until I was a twig. I started lifting shit Junior year of college, and never looked back.



I was always in sports and physically active.


Sounds like you were a pretty big noob, no breath of the dying?


I did a few sports growing up and never excelled at any, I have been hooked on the iron since the first time I touched a bench press at age 12. I wrestled in highschool and was above par, I had some potential with that sport.. If I only knew better than to do bench press and bicep curls three times a week!


I did Judo the last couple years of elementary school and through middle school, then got into Brazilian jiu jitsu for the first two years in high school and was becoming a decent grappler... then I got into video games and raves, and everything else was slowly dropped. Like Mac, I'd have to say I'm active (again) thanks to a military organization.


The worst kind of athlete- a cross country runner (and basketball, but not seriously) in high school.

Started lifting for rugby in college, kept lifting because i still wasn't happy with the way I looked.


I did some karate and played some baseball in high school, but was a disaster at both.

And I'm a noob at lifting, and haven't shown any natural talent for it, either. :slight_smile:


I played football and basketball.

Also played some college ball (hoops) At 6'1 160.

Damn I was a stick back then, ha.


Yeah, it's always funny when someone I haven't seen since High School runs into me, or as has been the case lately, finds me on Facebook and sees the pics from my recent contest. "Certainly can't be the guy who drew all the time and was on Yearbook, Newspaper Staff, and was always reading comic books!"