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Are you a metrosexual?

Just did the metrosexual quiz mentioned in this weeks reader mail.

Apparently I only got 2 ‘correct’ answers, which makes me a lost cause.

Wouldn’t have it any other way :slight_smile:

[quote]Are you a man who enjoys shopping, snappy shoes and a crisply starched buttondown? Have you ever frosted your hair or bought a pair of low rise bootcuts? Do you prefer a good martini over a sudsy draft?

Are you a guy? Do you own a full set of silverware? Do you need more than a toothbrush and Speed Stick to get ready in the morning? [/quote]

I didn’t take the quiz. I barely got past these first couple paragraphs. My answer: a resounding NO! I’m Metrophobic.

I got 1 correct! I guess it’s back to lifting heavy objects, with my teeth, in my torn sneakers, wearing mismatched clothes, with uncombed hair, and unshaven legs and chest…I wouldn’t have it any other way!

lol i got 1 correct to nd. i trim my chest hairs on a regular basis.

lol Merlin, metrophobic, I like that!

I got two right…

The shoes, and the reading questions did me in.

I’m still less than 20% metro, thats alright, right?

I got a 2. I have a lot of shoes but not for fashion sake. I have various boots for skiing, hiking, hunting, riding my horse and shit like that. I have some old pairs of sneakers that I haven’t thrown away because although they are broken down they still don’t have holes in them.

I pluck my eyebows in self defense. If I don’t get rid of the long wiry Andy Rooney hairs my wife does it for me at inopportune times.

A lot those choices just didn’t have any applicable answers. I neither have a top drawer or any of the underwear choices. My stuff is stacked on a few shelves next to my reloading bench.

The last book I finished was an oral history of the Navy SEALs in Vietnam, not on the list of choices.

I don’t mind looking good at a party or something. It’s nice to at least look like you belong to the hot thing you showed up with instead of people thinking you’re her fucked up cousin from the sticks. I leave the fashion decisions to her and she hasn’t made me look stupid yet.


Actually, you are “metrorepugnant”.

shit i got 7 right…but i pretty much knew i was a metro anyway,oh well i do get laid alot and i am very straight…

I proudly got all of them wrong.

Let’s just say that I scored over 10.

That quiz doesn’t even touch on coordinating your belt with your shoes or how often you exfoliate.

I got one “correct” and quite frankly I don’t see how reading the classics is a metrosexual thing to do. All the other things seem to be bound together by their shallowness.


I am metrophobic.

I got 6.

“Yes, but what does it all mean Basil?”

it said i’m a “lost cause” wtf, now it’s BAD if i’m not a metrosexual??? screw you assholes. besides, the test sucked. i had to just choose several answers that weren’t true because the choices sucked.

I loooveee beer but I also enjoy a good martini sometimes if it’s with a good steak!

Waxed my unibrow last night. Does that count?

At least that was the only one right.

In faith,

I got 1 , just because of the shoe question , but damn i have many work boots and gym shoes and so on its not for fashion.

It’s a trick quiz, if you take it that automatically means your gay. You guys are all fucked.

I hope the person who claim that martinis go well with steak was serious joking.

I got a 2, but the test could have been scored better. ie. 1 point for A, 2 points for B etc.